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Wednesday, April 24, 2024: to hold the necessary anchorage, while having a mindset for the great migration,

Wednesday, April 24, 2024: to hold the necessary anchorage, while having a mindset for the great migration,

Today we continue to explore the poem Still Possible, By David Whyte; chosen for us by Sister Maureen. We read it and shared our thoughts on its meaning on Thursday Afternoon. This is part 2 of 5. From our Emmaus Retreat in Carmel,

April 17 – 20, 2024


It's still possible amongst all the

never-ending movement

to hold the necessary anchorage,

while having a mindset

for the great migration,

to be ready to up and go

and then surprisingly

be gone

It’s not too late to imagine

That the days

To come are the lost children

You are still

To bring to birth and to maturity,

And that you are ready once more

To be selfless on their behalf,

Setting them to rights

When they fall, listening when

They lose faith, being that

Mother or father

Who through all their difficulties,

Give the gift of constant witness


It is still possible to intuit

a magnificent,

individual arrival, that brings you still

closer to the accompanying

faraway crowd

to live bravely as always,

as someone said,

to the point of tears

to realize that you

have always had your life shattered

and your heart broken and your faith

tested by loving too much

and too often

and that all along,

it was never too much

and never too often,

and that you were never, ever, fully broken.


For tomorrow - Thursday, April 25, 2024: A film on Palestine hosted by Tarik Kananaa, Lindsey Kerr and the Interfaith Council of Sonoma County.

6 PM at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa, located at 99 6th St,

"Join us once again at Arlene Francis Center, located at 99 6th St, Santa Rosa, for a meal shared in camaraderie and solidarity with our siblings in Gaza. Film screening to follow. $10-15 suggested donation, cash or Venmo. Masks requested."

Announcements #2:

Thank you for the ongoing attention to this critical situation. There has been a massive development at College campuses (Columbia, Yale, MIT, Tufts, etc.) led by students occupying areas calling on their college to divest from Israeli military oppression. So far, we have also been able to hold off Israel from a full-scale invasion of Rafah, which they had previously declared was to begin March 10th.

Upcoming NV Actions:

1) Sat. Apr. 27th: Mass disruption planned by broad DC coalition. Rev. Jenn and I are leading a Christian pod. Please let us know if you want more details and might participate. 

2) Friday May 3rd: Bishop John Stowe and Pax Christi USA will lead a vigil at 12pm at the White House.

3) Christian Boycott/Divestment Letter is in process to invite Christians and organizations to explore/commit to boycott and/or divestment of companies supporting the Israeli military oppression of Palestinians.

4) May 19-June 1: Christian Solidarity Trip to Holy Land

Announcements #3:

Jewish Voice for Peace Passover / Seder Celebration Toward Collective Liberation

also tomorrow: April 25.

"We are setting the Passover table to hold your grief, your broken hearts, your rage, your fear, your gratitude, and all of our dreams of collective liberation.

RSVP with this link:

Closed captioning and an ASL interpreter will be provided throughout the duration of the event."

During the course of the night, we will tell our ancestral story of the Israelites’ journey from mitzrayim, the narrow place, to freedom. This year, the people of Gaza are in mitzrayim, and the Israeli government is Pharaoh. We refuse to feast while Palestinians are being massacred and starved.

Instead, we’ll deepen our resolve to do everything in our power to end the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. Join us in story, song, poems, prayer and action. In the loudest way possible we say: Not in our name. There is no right way to be Jewish or right way to be at this seder. May we find courage in our gathering so that we can return fortified to the essential work of moving our communities toward the Exodus this moment demands: an Exodus from Zionism.


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