Our Liturgy Committee

Victoria MacDonald          Jim Keck             Alice Waco  

Patti England                     Dan Vrooman     Ed & Mary FitzGerald

We celebrate as a community of people who are motivated by a vision of transformation. During our celebrations we bring our gifts to the table, share our experiences, and listen from our hearts to each person as they describe their journey of faith. Our readings and personal stories help us understand that our individual longings are shared longings. Our individual paths are shared paths---which is the story of Emmaus in which the disciples recognized Jesus in the breaking of bread. So too, we recognize the divine in each person through this celebratory meal.  By listening deeply, we transform ourselves into more thoughtful, more compassionate people.


As a committee, we work with individuals to craft liturgies that are meaningful. We encourage the individual gifts of each celebrant and work with them to develop as leaders.


Our liturgies are very creative and meaningful, designed and led by two co-presiders, accompanied by professional and gifted musicians leading us in inspiring songs.  We encourage all members to co-preside and we offer abundant resources to help develop themes of their choosing.