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We are here to transform ourselves. We respect the conscience of each person, understanding that each one of us is a child of God.

We define church very simply: If you're here to celebrate with us you're in. Not a lot of fanfare, just a heartfelt welcome to each person who walks with us once, twice or many times. We come from different backgrounds and share wonderful gifts of experience, education, spirituality and service to others. We are dedicated to non-violence, social justice and the welfare of our planet. Join us. We think you'll find it a deep and meaningful experience.


One of the greatest frustrations with the traditional church is that it excludes women from meaningful leadership roles. Not so at Emmaus. From the very beginning we realized the only way we could thrive as a community was to build on all the wisdom, insight and energy of evey member of the community.


Our women members have been fearless in developing new ways to celebrate and serve. Women at Emmaus co-preside at our celebrations, reach out to the poor and empower those around them. They act out the good news taking to heart the call of St. Francis "Preach the Gospel, at all times. Use words when necessary."


They have helped us rediscover the presence of the feminine spirit within the Divine. It is now unthinkable to speak of Our Father without Our Mother.  



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