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                    Beloved Emmaus Community


Sharing disappointed dreams
and atrophied hope,
we were lost along that Emmaus road,
no border crossing or bridge to liberation.


Then Beloved, the Resurrected One, joined us
speaking remembrance and recollection.
Our hearts began to burn;
driving wind
breathed sacred spirit into revelation.


Gather! Gather! Draw together
yesterday, today and tomorrow!
With gratitude for our early prophets,
we freely undertake the mission
to practice God’s generosity.


Grace and effort clear the way.
Ripples from shared stories create intimacy
and vibrate into concentric circles of peace and justice.
Revived energies compose a new song called


Trailblazers band together,
freed to enter a path of new visions.
Together, we stand witness
to holy courage, generous works and
love for this faithful refuge.


This Eucharistic Community celebrates
bread, wine, and compassion.
Pots of luck, inclusive and welcoming,
offer love and forgiveness around the one table.


Here is the Good News, a blessed way.


We welcome the Christ, active in us!
Trusting, we open our living circle,
so all may flourish in this sacred blending:
dedicated prayer, friendship and service.


This is our Beloved Community!


Inspired by Emmaus Community, written by Suzanne Young, edited by Steven Young
Emmaus Retreat - March  2015

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