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September 20, 2023: We celebrate working together at Sam Jones: (Please read the announcement)

September 20, 2023: We celebrate working together at Sam Jones

But first an announcement: We will not be meeting early this Sunday for a Community Meeting. Because several of our Committee Board Members are traveling we will wait until late October to meet as a full community.

We will meet as usual for our Sunday Celebration at 3:45 this Sunday

Yesterday afternoon Denise Dixon led us back to Sam Jones for in-person work for the first time in a very long time. We provided a meal of pasta with chicken and sun dried tomatoes with lots of Parmesan cheese on top, lovely roasted broccoli, mixed salad with bleu cheese dressing and brownies, cookies, blondies and gluten free cake for dessert. We are so thankful for everyone who contributed desserts, salad and time. We made it happen!

Busy kitchen at Sam Jones: Denise Dixon (foreground) Pat O'Connor, Marcie Dahlen, Dan Lambert in back washing pots and pans, Nadine Condon and Eva at the sink and Dan Vrooman cutting brownies.

Our fearless leader Denise Dixon explains the timing of the meal. Denise inspired our work, got us organized and kept the whole enterprise together. Wonderful leadership!

Note the amazing desserts in the forerground...

Dan Vrooman slices the chicken for the main course while other teammates cut broccoli. The prep was flawless.

Dan Lambert with his unique monogrammed apron gifted him through his Cursillo leadership... perfect for washing dishes or serving

Eva our chef and Nadine Condon who recently joined Emmaus and did a fabulous job volunteering with us.

Pat and Marcie enjoy the music!

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