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Wednesday, April 3, 2024: Resurrection is the wildest news that’s ever touched this crazy, mixed-up world. It says, yes!

Wednesday, April 3, 2024:

Resurrection is the wildest news

that’s ever touched

this crazy, mixed-up world.

It says, yes!

On letting Easter in – Macrina Wiederkehr


When dawn stands still with wonder

when birds jubilate in the trees

when buds hurry into blossoms

and grass starts wearing green

I always know that Easter wants to come again.

But deeper yet and richer still

When Jesus, imprisoned in me,

asks me to roll away the stone

that locks him in

then Easter wants to come again.

So, let it come

It’s one dawn past rising time

and Resurrection is the wildest news

that’s ever touched

this crazy, mixed-up world.

It says, yes!

when everything else says, no!

It says, up!

when everything else says, down!

It says, live!

when everything else says, die!


Easter’s standing at your door again,

so don’t you see that stone has got to go?

that stone of fear

of selfishness and pride

of greed and blindness

and all the other stones we use

to keep Jesus in the tomb.

So here’s to rolling stones away

to give our Lord the chance He needs

to rise and touch

a troubled, lonely world.

Some call it Resurrection.

It’s wild with wonder,

It’s beautiful and real

Intent on throwing life around

it touches and it heals!

Yes, Easter, you can come

An angel of life I’ll be.

I’ll roll the stone away

and set you free.

Excellent letter to the Sebastopol City Council from our own Victoria MacDonald regarding Gaza.

To: Sebastopol City Council Members,

From: Victoria MacDonald 243 Pitt Ave Sebastopol CA 95472

Re: Cease Fire Now


I have lived in Sebastopol for over 15 years and have worked in this area as a Registered Nurse and Counselor.


I find it interesting that Sebastopol is known as Peace Town and yet has trouble voting for a Cease Fire in Gaza / Israel.


How can we as members of this Peace Town community sit by while our brothers and sisters are, inch by inch, struggling to survive? And just today, seven members of the humanitarian group World Central Kitchen were killed in their attempt to prevent famine in this region.


For Sebastopol City Council to demand a Cease Fire, here in our city named, Peace Town, does not take the courage of those who have perished in Gaza, but the compassion to see that we are one people; and humanity demands that we act to protect and care for one another. Please vote for a Cease Fire.

Thank you,

Victoria MacDonald

243 Pitt Ave

Sebastopol, CA 95472

Eli McCarthy


Greetings Christians for Ceasefire,

I hope you are well.

Happy Easter! Let us live into the courage and power of the Resurrection.


Although the UN finally passed an immediate ceasefire resolution, President Biden has again sent weapons and bombs to Israel over this past weekend.


We want to encourage you to participate and attend these upcoming actions:

Apr. 4th Contact Congress and Call the White House (202-456-1100) for an immediate, lasting ceasefire; release of all hostages and political prisoners; increased humanitarian relief; and to stop sending weapons to Israel.


Apr. 8-9: One of our core partners Christians 4 Free Palestine is mobilizing for this Mass Action in DC- register here. This is a large grassroots movement which will be bringing people to DC from around the country. Let me know if you plan to attend since they have set up a Spokes system for organizing/communicating with groups.


April 9-11: One of our core partners Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) Advocacy Summit in DC. Pastors from Bethlehem will attend. Reception on April 9. Presentations on April 10. Lobby visits on April 11. Register here


May 3rd: save the date; action TBD

*If you want to join our organizing group, let me know. We meet weekly at 9am on Mondays and have an e-list.


The general public can sign up for updates here.

With Hope,

 Eli S. McCarthy Ph.D.

Just Peace Fellow

Franciscan Action Network

510-717-8867 (c)


Books: Just Peace Ethic Primer: Building Sustainable Peace and Breaking Cycles of Violence (2020) 30% discount code: TGUF


Becoming Nonviolent Peacemakers: A Virtue Ethic for Catholic Social Teaching and U.S. Policy (2012)

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