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Tuesday, October 10, 2023: I don’t even know what kind of music I can write about this

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

I don’t even know what kind of music I can write about this

Art by Banksy

Reflection for today:

I've been looking for a way to understand the events of the past few days in Israel/Palestine. I came across this reflection from a veteran and it struck a chord with me. What can we do as a community to bring peace more quickly to this area that is boiling in violence and hate? That's a question I'm asking of myself.

I’m really sad today…. princembm, author

The beastly and indiscriminate attack by Hamas; house by house, in the streets, and on concert goers who are guilty of no other crime than their nationality is a war crime unsurpassed in its brutality towards innocent people and it dampens the prospect of peace in the Middle East. Nothing can justify this action.

Removing access to water, food, electricity- all indispensable to survival for 2 million people who for over 20 years are subjected to a daily, systematic violation of the most basic human rights as a reaction to that attack is also a war crime. this is collective punishment. Nothing can justify this action.

With its attack on Saturday, Hamas has given rise to a new conflict that will bring more death and destruction.

During his tenure, Netanyahu has pushed a foreign policy that has systematically ignored “the existence, and the rights of Palestinians“ as the Israeli newspaper Haaretz said yesterday.

The international community has ignored the living conditions of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. The international community has abandoned these people from a humanitarian standpoint, but also politically. The images that we see from that part of the world today show the evidence: there is no security without rights, while 75 years of armed military occupation, bombings, and terrorism have only brought more war, more hate, more human lives lost.

This terrible story has been lived on both sides of that border; in the face of this disaster, we ask for the international community to mediate to protect civilians, create humanitarian, evacuation corridors, and bring an end to the conflict.

I’m a US Army veteran, a pacifist, and a musician. And I’m really sad today. War sucks. And I don’t even know what kind of music I can write about this.

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