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Tuesday, June 25, 2024: Hold the date for July 2, 2024 to hear from two young women about the downside of social media

Tuesday, June 25, 2024: Hold the date for July 2, 2024 to hear from two young women about the potential downsides of social media:

Dear Ones: As you know, several of us have been actively involved in a process called restorative justice -- a process that, when it works best, focuses on the needs of the victim of some crime or hurt. We meet in a circle with both the person who has done the harm and the person who has been victimized. This system of justice is designed to hold the perpetrator accountable for his/her actions and to hear the voices of both victim and perpetrator. We meet in a circle and volunteers take the role of community members who discuss the impact of the crime on the wider community.

It's a restorative process in which we try to repair the harm on a human level without the adversarial system of justice we're used to.

A few weeks ago we met over a case in which two young women used social media to create harm by sharing nude photos of a fellow student (sexting). They took responsibility for their actions, discussed the harm they created and agreed on a series of actions to mitigate the harm as much as they could. As part of their plan for restoring the community, they would like to meet with us, briefly share their story and describe the lessons they've learned from their experience. It takes a lot of guts to meet with a group and speak out. I honor their commitment to the process of restorative justice.

Here's a note explaining what the young women would like to discuss with us from Jane Weil, the Programs and Training Director of Restorative Resources:


I think the two of them want to introduce what they did but don’t want to focus on sexting alone. They want to talk more broadly about teens and their use of social media: why they’re drawn to it, how they use it, the risks and dangers to be aware of and how to notice if youth are showing signs of risky behaviors.

They want to address relationship issues too - peer pressure, healthy / unhealthy relationships and what parents can look for in their teens as concerning behaviors and what to do about it. One wants to talk more about social media, one wants to talk more about mental health and healthy relationships. Both will address lessons learned, things parents can learn to help guide their kids; and warning signs of risky behaviors that they should be alert to. 

  • Jane Weil, Programs and Training Director of Restorative Resources

I encourage you to invite friends and family to this meeting at Knox Presbyterian/Thanksgiving Lutheran on July 2nd. It starts at 6:00PM.

Knox Presbyterian &Thanksgiving Lutheran Churches1650 W. Third St.

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

More later!

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