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Thursday, May 23, 2024: Our Dreaming Meeting on May 15 was a heartening affirmation of our shared hope for Interfaith Friendship and Cooperation

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Our Dreaming Meeting on May 15 was a heartening affirmation of our shared hope for Interfaith Friendship and Cooperation.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Emmaus:

Earlier this week many leaders from different congregations met in an Interfaith meeting organized as the "Dreaming Meeting." It was a meeting to plan for the futire ands to gather interfaith leaders togethewr.

Here are the notes from the meeting -- I thought you would be interested in the progress of the InterFaith movement here in Sonoma. These are notes I received from David Hoffman who led the meeting:

From A highlight was Bhavani Judith Tucker's lovely musical offering, "Of One Soul".  We learned and sang the inspiring chorus together: 

Of One Soul

Of one heart

Of one mind

One loving vision

To share our livesIn true community

To walk the path of Harmony in

UnityOf One Soul

Of One Soul

vision to share our livesIn true community 

To walk the path of Harmony in Unity

Of One Soul

Of One Soul

Thank you to Presbyterian Church of the Roses, Pastor Cindy Alloway and Patricia Silva, for your welcoming hospitality!  Thank you to planners and facilitators Jerry Newman, Asher Sheppard and Linda Sartor for guiding us through the process. Thank you to Lou Zweier and Daniel Thompson for creating the link which enabled Aisha Morgan and Lou to be with us.  

We voted on possible activities as next steps, to identify which of those options has strongest support.  The two activities which receved the most votes were:  

Organize large, regular, inclusive interfaith public gatherings and events (16 votes); and Sponsor workshops and/or speakers on relevant topics (12 votes).  

Several other activities were closely tied, receiving 9, 8 or 7 votes each.  A list of all the activities we considered, and how many votes each received, is attached to this email.

Participants volunteered to initiate multiple projects:  

•  Ted Feldman, Shalom Bochner and Joyce Kinzel are exploring creation of a Sonoma County Clergy Council.  To help, or for more information, contact Ted at or at 707-364-4616.• 

Patricia Silva will reach out to northern California groups to gather examples of how other interfaith councils are structured, and carry out their work.  (Asher Sheppard has also made similar contacts.)  To help or for more information, contact Patricia at

Anne Marie Cheney offered to work with other ICSC supporters on community outreach. • 

Jack Wikse plans to establish a dialogue group to discuss controversial topics.  CLICK HERE  to read a description of the approach and character of this new dialogue group.    •  

Steve Schwartz, director of the Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative, offered resources and expertise on fiscal sponsorship ("501c3" non-profit tax exemption for groups which do not have their own, independent tax-exempt status).  

•  Michael Vosler, Daniel Thompson and Chula More-Setoux volunteered to follow up with each Dreaming Meeting participant about working on these and other Interfaith Council projects.  To help, or for more information, contact Michael at or at 314-560-1259.

With these new initiatives, and our continuing interfaith discussion groups, ICSC has a promising future.  Let's make it happen!  

Here are several supplemental items to the Report from our ICSC Dreaming Meeting which I emailed on May 22, 2024:  

  The tally of votes for proposed ICSC Activities. (MSWord document.)

  The tally of votes for proposed ICSC Objectives (MSWord document)

Thank you to Shalom Bochner for tallying and reporting our ICSC Objectives and Activities.

  Flyer for the Interfaith Service for LGBTQIA+ Rights on June 2, 2024 (MSWord format) Hosted by the Religious Leaders Caucus of the North Bay Organizing Project 

  Flyer for the Interfaith panel discussion on “Shared Values Among Faiths” on June 9, 2024 (PDF format) Hosted by Presbyterian Church of the Roses (PDF format)

PLEASE POST and distribute both of these important event flyers widely.  


•  Below, I include the Report from our May 15 ICSC Dreaming Meeting , originally emailed on May 22. 

ALSO: Check out ICSC's online Interfaith Discussion Groups coming up on June 3 and 11, 2024:

  Interfaith Lunchtime Chat      June Topic:  Patriotism, Nationalism and Religion      Monday, June 3  -  Noon to 1:30 pm      And on the first Monday of each month.      CLICK HERE   to join us via Zoom.

  Connections and Conversation      Tuesday, June 11  -  7:00 to 8:30 pm    And on the second Tuesday evening of each month 

Our Connections and Conversation agenda consists of a respectful exchange that naturally winds its way around and through topics of spirituality, faith practices, problem-solving, ethics, culture and human kindness.    

For Zoom log-in information, send an email to 


Thank You for your caring support of interfaith peace and goodwill!

David HoffmanChair, Interfaith Council of Sonoma County

In faith and friendship, David HoffmanChair, Interfaith Council of Sonoma County  

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