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Saturday, April 6, 2024: "Isn't that the most beautiful blue sky you have ever seen?" - Bill Boorman

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Isn't that the most beautiful blue sky you have ever seen?

- Bill Boorman

Update about Enid from John Macken

“Enid’s operation went well. The Doctor says it will take her about 3 weeks to recover. She will still need to use a walker, but she was getting worse quickly.

The main problem has been stopped and partly reversed.”

Unless significant changes I’ll not send more updates. - John Macken

(photo by Victoria MacDonald on Easter Day 2024)

Update about Bill Boorman from Victoria (sorry this is so late in coming.... editor's fault):


I had a sweet Easter afternoon visit with Bill. I picked up Larry at Oakmont and drove him to the Board and Care Home where Bill is now located (on Calistoga Road near Sequoia Elementary School).

The previous time I had visited with Bill he kept hoping to see Larry, so it was really wonderful to see Bill's eyes light up to see Larry and me as we arrived.

As we came in the living room, we saw that Bill was watching an old Bing Crosby movie (old...with Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra), so we sang all the old songs together. But the sunny porch was calling us so, we went out there before too long. The day was warm with a brilliant blue sky, and Bill kept commenting, "Isn't that the most beautiful blue sky you have ever seen?"

We kept our visit to a little over an hour, so Bill could nap and I could drive Larry back to Oakmont. All in all a very lovely afternoon.


Bill is receiving wonderful care and support in this 6 bed care home...and Bill seems to be quite content.


Best to call the Serenity Board and Care (706-537-1933) before visiting.

Our dear friend Bill seems to be doing okay for now, and my hope is that he will continue to let all of us love and care for him as best we can. As you can see from my photo of him...that sparkle is still there!

💖 Victoria

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