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November 16, 2023: We are blessed to Sam Jones

Thursday, November 16, 2023:

We are blessed to Sam Jones

Sam Jones dinner November 15, 2023: Pat O'Connor, David Carlson, Marcie Dahlen, Chief Cook and Sam Jones leader Eva, Our Fearless Leader and Master Planner Denise Dixon, Linda Wildman, Hermine Glaser, Dan Lambert and Dan Vrooman. By this time we had prepared and served the meal of chicken in a yummy cranberry sauce, roasted broccoli and potatoes and a massive salad, cookies and brownies for dessert. Special shout out too all of the Emmaus folks who made salad and brownies. Thank you all... it takes a village to feed 150 people. Let's do it again on the 20th of December.

Linda and Dan cut, wash and slice potatoes. Then comes the olive oil, pepper and salt. Pat and Denise work on the broccoli.

Marcie's putting together the desserts as Pat chops broccoli

Pat's finished with broccoli (notice the empty bowl) and she's ready for a new assignment

After cuttimng potatoes Dan started washing all the pots and pans (and there were lots...) Here he's showing off his sweatshirt from Ukraine featuring the phantom pilot... ask him about it.

Hermine mixes the massive and varied salad. Grace will lead us home...

Dan mixes the chicken and amazing sauce. Keep stirring Dan... Lots of work!

The unhoused folks at Sam Jones were so thankful for our presence and our abundant food.

It's getting cold and rainy and a warm meal

and a friendly smile works wonders.

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