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Monday, May 13, 2024: An embarrassment of riches -- and a conversation this Friday with Therese Mughannam

Monday, May 13, 2024: An embarrassment of riches -- including a conversation this Friday with Therese Mughannam & Sam Tuttleman about Israel & Palestine

Announcement Upcoming Talk on Palestine & Israel

at Knox/Thanksgiving Church

Date: Friday, May 17, 2024

Time: 6:00pm

We have been asked to supply refreshments -- cookies or brownies to share with those who attend. So far no word on how many people are expected. the folks at Knox are handling the drinks -- coffee, tea etc.

Here's a letter from Pastor Janet from Knox & Thanksgiving which she sent out to several other churches in the area.


Dear Friends,


We are writing to extend you a friendly invitation. The Knox Presbyterian / Thanksgiving Lutheran faith community, in connection with the Emmaus Community (Sonoma County), will be sponsoring a talk, “Roots and Reality of the Middle East Conflict,” with speakers Therese Mughannam and Sam Tuttelman. The talk will take place on Friday, May 17th, at 6:00 pm at Knox/Thanksgiving Church, 1650 W. Third Street, in Santa Rosa.


We look forward to this special opportunity to learn more about Middle East history, about peacekeeping and faith, and about the personal experiences of our speakers (see their bios, below). We are not publicizing in the larger community but are extending this invitation to you and your people for a thoughtful, intimate gathering. A small reception will follow the talk.


We’d appreciate a response if you will be attending, and if you’ll let us know how many people from your faith community will join us.

Many blessings,

Pastor Janet Blair


Speaking on May 17th:

Therese Mughannam is a Palestinian American who has been telling the story of Palestinians for about 30 years in Sonoma County and the Bay Area, drawing from personal family stories and experiences in and about Palestine.


Sam Tuttelman is a retired social worker who has lived in Sonoma County since 1968. He is a second-generation Jewish American who has come to support the Palestinian struggle for freedom and dignity.


From John Dear: Dear friends, Blessings of Christ’s peace to you!


In recent years, I’ve been talking and writing about “eschatological nonviolence” as a way to reimagine our discipleship to Jesus in this time of permanent war, climate change, and growing fascism. While others are slipping into the heresy and idolatry of “Christian nationalism,” we seek to live in God’s realm of universal love and total nonviolence here and now today. That’s where we claim our true eternal citizenship. Because we are citizens of God’s reign of nonviolence, we practice nonviolence like the nonviolent Jesus and reject violence, injustice and warfare, no matter what.

I learned much of this visionary nonviolence from my friend and teacher Daniel Berrigan who used to give retreats and talks for years on the Book of Revelation, which he read as a call to permanent nonviolent resistance to empire. As “Christian nationalism” spreads through the churches, I thought it might be helpful to invite my friend Wes Howard-Brook, a scripture scholar and author, to reflect with us on “Peace and Nonviolence in the Book of Revelation,” and the call to seek God’s reign of nonviolence through resistance to this culture of violence and war.

Wes has been teaching and writing on the Bible since 1988. He is the author, co-author or editor of seven books on the Bible, including Unveiling Empire: Reading Revelation Then and Now (Orbis 2000); Becoming Children of God: Reading the Gospel of John (Orbis); and Come Out My People!: God’s Call Out of Empire in the Bible and Beyond (Orbis). He recently retired from teaching at Seattle University to develop "Radical Bible," a YouTube channel offering in-depth work on the Bible at no charge. Please join us on Saturday, May 25th.

To register, visit

The program will begin 11am Pacific/ 12pm Mountain/ 1pm Central/ 2pm Eastern time. You will receive the zoom link a few days beforehand, so be on the lookout, and a recording link afterwards.

If you have questions, please email Kassandra


Blessings of peace! -- Fr. John

Announcement from Nancy McFarland:

This is an important conversation about the state of feminist theology

Greetings from Michael Centore, Editor, Today's American Catholic

Thanks to all who registered for our event with Dr. Natalia Imperatori-Lee this past Thursday. A recording of the event is available here for those who were unable to attend or who may wish to revisit the presentation. We also have an event page here with additional resources.


Special thanks again to Natalia for taking the time to be with us, and for graciously guiding us through her latest book, Women and the Church: From Devil's Gateway to Discipleship.

You can also use this link to see the conversation on YouTube


Michael Centore

Editor, Today's American Catholic

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