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Monday, June 3, 2024: Agenda for Tomorrow's Liturgy Meeting: Speak from the heart, Listen with your heart, Spontaneity, and brevity of word or speech.

Monday, June 3, 2024: Agenda for tomorrow's Liturgy Meeting: Speak from your heart, Listen with your heart, Spontaneity, and brevity of word or speech.

(Alice, Victoria and Dan at the InterFaith PRIDE Service)

Please join us in person or on Zoom and participate in our Liturgy Meeting on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 starting at noon and ending at 3:00PM:

Join us In-Person at Knox Presbyterian and Thanksgiving Lutheran

1650 West Third Street

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

or Join Zoom Meeting with this link:

Passcode: 1234

Or Use the Meeting ID: 519 315 8573

Passcode: 1234

Or by Phone: +16699006833,,5193158573# US (San Jose) +16694449171,,5193158573# US 

Agenda for June 4th Liturgy Meeting

Opening Prayer:

Here are 12 issues for discussion. We can add more if needed. Dan and Steve would like to quickly poll the group to see if any of these even need to be discussed.


We would like to go through the topics by breaking into small groups of 4 for about 6 minutes to discuss the topic, regather into the large group and have one person present your groups points.


Then open it up for community discussion and decision making. While in the small groups, it would be helpful to follow “The Way of Council” like Alice led us at Enid’s.


The four pillars of this way are:

·      Speak from the heart,

·      Listen with your heart,

·      Spontaneity, and brevity of word or speech.

·      A talking piece is a great way to keep it on track. 


1.        A discussion about what is going on during our liturgies. Is our Eucharist the same or different from what we were taught during most of our upbringing?

If not the same, then why are we using the same rubric or form. What is the Eucharist for each of us? Steve


2.        Methods of receiving the bread and wine, Iona version, tincture method (dipping bread into cup),etc. Can the liturgy team decide this?

3.        Zoom: Inclusion vs Intrusion. Is there a way to be inclusive with less intrusion?


4.        A discussion about the quality of recent liturgies.


5.        A discussion regarding going outside the usual Roman Catholic/Episcopal format.


6.        A discussion about Resources? David

Music: live singing, recorded music. Technological issues with music, especially singing with Zoom. How does it come across to those on Zoom?


7.        Liturgical Themes


8.        Do we need a liturgy class? Can the movie about Teilhard substitute for a liturgy class? With focus on his “Mass on the World.”


9.        Offering liturgies for persons or causes? Joe Silva


10   Time for our liturgies? What time do we want to meet.


11   Should we have some joint liturgies with the Knox communities?


Closing Prayer:

(Laughing with Bishop Rusty at the InterFaith PRIDE Service)

Prayer given by David at the Interfaith PRIDE Service:

And so let us pray.

 Please join with me in placing your hands over your heart like this.

Feel your heart beating as we take a breath and breathe out:


We pray for open hearts and imagine that nothing separates us – that we are in an ever expanding circle of kinship such that the Divine infuses and lights up this circle to reveal those who have been cast off, victimized and demonized


 – native peoples from around the world whose bodies and lands have been stolen,

those who may practice a different faith or none at all,

the queer who proudly use all the pronouns,

the poor, the homeless, and the voiceless.


And just as we meet tonight in joyful kinship, we expand the circle through our compassion and hard work until we embrace those at the margins and the margins disappear and we are one with each other. No separation, just one human family.


We pray that our hearts break open as we truly see and embrace those who have been excluded for so long. In the words of Ezekiel who recounts the words spoken to him by the Divine: “I will give you an undivided heart and put new spirit in you; I will remove your hearts of stone and give you hearts of flesh.”


And so we pray for our heart, broken open and filled with the warmth of compassion and welcome and kinship.


And from Psalm:

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."


And the people of this beloved community say with one voice


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