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Monday, June 24, 2024: Need for Housing for a family -- from Nancy

Monday, June 24, 2024: Need for Housing:

Hello accompaniers and those who would like to accompany people in need:


We are asking for help again from the wider community for a young Haitian mom and child.


The Haitian family is still here in Sonoma County.  Louna, mother, and her son Samuel are now seeing some progress in the ways they have been supported.  They have Medi-Cal, monthly income and almost $500/month for food from SonomaWorks.  They are on all shelter wait lists.  They are connected with the Child Parent Institute and Louna is attending parenting classes. 

Also she has had intake at North Bay Regional Center for families with neuro-divergnt members….she hopes to get services and an evaluation for her child who will turn 4 on July 8.  She was told by  that Samuel has autism. She has said that her primary reason for coming to the US was for her son to get help. 

She is also 5 months pregnant and has been getting good pre-natal care for the last month.  She is registered for online SRJC English classes and has good Spanish.  She is adept at using Google Translate.  She has a SRJC photo ID which she uses to ride the buses for free and is very adept at riding the buses.  She reads the online public transit map and gets everywhere with her boy. 


QAA started working with Louna's brother in February.  He is now housed in a home with a few other single men in Santa Rosa.  She cannot be housed there with him.  Brother and sister have been looking for private housing and have been repeatedly turned down. 

Both agree that they are told to come see the room and by the time they arrive and people see that they are black and that she is pregnant, they are told the room has already been rented.  Asking people to rent a room to a pregnant single mom with an autistic child is challenging and a a self contained space would be preferable. 

We might be able to help her get some funds to help pay for that space as well.  She has some funds and can afford to pay some rent.  If anyone sympathetic to her situation could rent her a self contained space, with even a minimal area to prepare food and cook, I think that would be best.  That space you decided you'd prefer to leave empty for a while would be perfect.  We could do some help readying it for them. 


They are on all waiting lists for shelters that we have been able to find.  It is likely a 2 month wait for the Santa Rosa family shelter at the Caritas complex.  

She is hoping to at least get through the autism evaluation process before moving somewhere more affordable.  She and we and a Sonoma County organization have paid for multiple nights at hotels.  This has been very expensive for all.  We are hoping the accompanier community can put together a situation that would not be too cumbersome for one person or family but could be a temporary relief from the huge hotel costs.  Being near a bus route is important unless you are willing to drive them sometimes.  I have a beautiful car seat that you can have for the duration and it could be rotated.  A stay of a week or more (up to her moving date to a shelter) would be welcome.


Please spread the word among your community sympathetic friends and organizations.  We could take donations to help with the hotel bills but are hoping instead for a temporary living situation/s. If you want to send a donation now, make a check out to NBOP and mail to me at 5037 McFarlane Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472


Thank you all for your consideration. 

Vicki Smith NBRRN Accompaniment

(707) 280-5473

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