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January 4, 2024: EMMAUS Movie Afternoon: Monday, January 8th at 2pm - Thursday, January 4, 2024: Let's watch MAESTRO! Monday, January 8th at 2pm

Announcement from Nancy and Bob:

EMMAUS Movie Afternoon

Monday, January 8th at 2pm -

Let's watch MAESTRO! at Nancy and Bob’s

Seating is limited to 14. So RSVP soon!

The discussion will be wonderful.

Please bring a snack or finger food to share...

RSVP to Nancy using her email:

Excellent article about Leonard Bernstein's life:

And here's a brief video to provide some background for the film:

Leonard Bernstein and the film Maestro: from Sunday Morning in CBS News

Here’s the link:

The new film "Maestro" tells the complicated love story between composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein and his wife, actress Felicia Montealegre. Correspondent Mo Rocca talks with Bradley Cooper, the movie's star, co-writer, producer and director, about playing one of the most charismatic and controversial musical figures of the 20th century. He also talks with Bernstein's children (Jamie Bernstein, Nina Bernstein Simmons, and Alexander Bernstein) about the life and legacy of their father being brought to the screen.

And here's a compelling poem from our friend Ruah Bull

Peace in a Time of Revolution

To be still

in the curl of chaos

to welcome dark waters

and lightning strike

to steady in webbed roots

sinking down deep

as merciful wind

whips leaves, blasts dead branches

to choose this rough real-

a sacred gesture of the heart

emptied of all but


The peace of God

is not my favored sleep

but rather trusting

this bloody death-

is bloody birth

- Ruah Bull

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