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January 3, 2023: Please read and see where your heart leads you to participate


January 3, 2023: Please read and see where your heart leads you to participate

Announcement and request from our friend Therese Mugannam with a call to action toward ending the war in Gaza and an immediate ceasefire.


Dear Friends,


As the war escalates in Palestine/Israel, and now possibly stretching to Lebanon and beyond, we too are escalating our activism to put pressure on our government to end the madness. As you may know, North Coast Coalition for Palestine is honored to join our efforts with many Jewish people and others who share our values about justice and equality for everyone, every person in that region.


To that end, Rachel, one of the organizers, has put the following together which involves your participation and support. Please take a look and do what is possible for you - especially if you are Jewish or know others who are Jewish who can sign the letter at the end of this email. Thank you so much. The urgency is that people, including many children, are dying needlessly, even as I type this. Please read and see where your heart leads you to participate. Sorry that it's a bit long. Many thanks again.

Therese (for NCCP)


***Call to action***


The Petaluma, Cotati, and Santa Rosa City Councils will be presented with ceasefire resolutions over the next 2 weeks.


Here's how you can support:


1) Show up to make public comments in support of a ceasefire resolution at Petaluma City Council on Monday, Jan., 8th at 6:30pm. Talking points attached. (We are trying to get 100 people to turn out. You are welcome to turn out even if you are not a Petaluma resident).


2) Regardless of where you live, email your city council representatives and let them know you want them to adopt a ceasefire resolution.

2) If you are part of an organization that would sign onto a ceasefire resolution being brought to the Santa Rosa city council, please have your organization sign on at


3) If you are Jewish, please sign our open letter from Jewish constituents of Sonoma County. Please forward to your friends and family who are Jewish. We are sending this letter by January 5th.

(Any Jewish resident in the county can sign, and Jewish is how you define it for yourself). 


Talking points for emailing your City Council members or making public comment at a meeting


We encourage you to use these talking points as a guideline, and to make them your own. (Some language below is adopted from the US Campaign on Palestinian Human Rights)


Hello, my name is _________, and I am a resident of ___________ [city/town].


I am ________ [any part of your identity that you feel compelled to share as it relates to this: i.e. - a parent, healthcare worker, teacher, union member, your ethnic identity/ background, etc.]


I am outraged by the atrocities that Israel is committing against the Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank. [Add any details that you personally have been thinking about or focused on].


The United Nations states that “grave violations committed by Israel against Palestinians in the aftermath of Oct. 7th, particularly in Gaza, point to a genocide in the making.”


I implore the ____ City Council to stand on the right side of history and adopt a resolution calling for an urgent and immediate ceasefire now.


Israel’s war against Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank is also a local issue because:


●  The United States government funds Israel’s war on Palestinians with our tax dollars, and we do not consent. This tax money could be used to fund much needed resources in our local community.


●  Congresspeople Mike Thompson and Jared Huffman have not signed onto the ceasefire resolution in Congress, and so we call on our local city government to set an example that can be followed by our congresspeople. Many local leaders, including the Richmond and Oakland City Councils, have called for a ceasefire already.


●  Across the world, millions of people are engaging in demonstrations and organizing major marches in solidarity with Palestine. Locally, between 100 t0 300 people have been showing up every week in Old Courthouse Square to demand a ceasefire. Our demands for a ceasefire and lifting the siege on Gaza have broader support than ever. An immediate and permanent ceasefire is supported by over 66% of Americans


●  There are many Palestinian, Muslim, Arab, and Jewish residents of Sonoma County. With this genocidal war continuing, we have also, unfortunately, seen an increase in hate crimes targeting these communities here locally.


WE CALL ON THE CITY OF ________ TO LEAD WITH MORAL CLARITY. As the community continues to mobilize more and more each day, we invite you to join us - as our representatives - in demanding justice for Palestinians and oppressed people everywhere. Not passing a resolution would be akin to normalizing genocide and condoning the murder of thousands MORE civilians.

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