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January 23, 2024: We're all one. We're all connected. We all have to love each other

Tuesday, January 23, 2024: "We're all one. We're all connected. We all have to love each other

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Emmaus: I'm a little behind on my emails and just read the email announcement from Faithful America (from several weeks ago) and watched their film's trailer about Christian Nationalism. This is a film we may want to watch as a communty...

Here's the email from Faithful America

On January 8th, 2024 producer Rob Reiner and director Dan Partland sat down to discuss their upcoming movie on Christian nationalism and January 6, "God & Country," with Faithful America's Executive Director, the Rev. Nathan Empsall.

Here's a link to the trailer for the film:

We had a wonderful conversation about why this film is needed right now, how toxic Christian nationalism has gained so much power, and how we can build bridges with those who have fallen prey to MAGA pastors and teachings. And both Rob and Dan answered some very smart questions from Faithful America members like you!

Here's the big takeaway: Christian nationalism isn't just destroying our democracy, it's unfairly warping Americans' views of Christianity as well.

That's part of the reason why Rob and Dan wanted to make a movie setting the record straight -- and why Faithful America organizes Christians from all denominations and traditions to reclaim our faith from the religious right.

But at the end of the day, no matter how scary things may seem, our faith compels us to change the narrative by bringing people together as best we can. As Rob put it, "We're all one. We're all connected. We all have to love each other... so hopefully, we can defeat this movement, not by violence, but defeat it through love and through ideas."

One quick survey question: Faithful America is hoping to bring you more fun and informative webinars like this one in 2024. Could you help us plan future events by letting us know what time of day you'd prefer for us to schedule them? Just click on a link below and your answer will be recorded.

And here are some of the resources that were mentioned during the webinar discussion. You might find some of them helpful even if you're unable to watch the full panel:

  • From Faithful America: Resisting Christian Nationalism: FAQ + Resources

  • More information on the movie "God & Country," including release dates and theater locations.

  • A link to purchase Katherine Stewart's fantastic book, "The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism," the source material for the movie.

Thank you for everything you do to love your neighbors -- and to push back against unholy Christian nationalism.

In peace, - Karli (she/her), Rev. Nathan (he/him), and the Faithful America team

Here's the link to the film trailer

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