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Friday, March 1, 2024: The Whole World is Watching


Friday, March 1, 2024: The Whole World is Watching

From Dan Vrooman:

All out for Rafah! All out for Gaza! Stop the genocide


 WHEN: March 2, 2024 at 12:00pm - 2:00pm (PST)


WHERE: Harry Bridges Plaza, The Embarcadero, San Francisco , CA, United States,



From Sabeel:

The world has spoken loudly and clearly. There is an urgent need for an immediate Ceasefire Now in Gaza—not a temporary “humanitarian pause” but an immediate and authentic ceasefire, one that allows for free and unimpeded flow of vital materials, water, food, medical supplies, goods and services, free movement to distribute to those in need without being bombed or fired upon, as well as an exchange of prisoners and hostages. The nations of the world (with the shameful exception of the thrice veto of the United States) have demanded it. Millions in the streets throughout the world, along with all of the United Nations, international relief agencies, health organizations and human rights organizations, have asked for a ceasefire. It is supported by overwhelming majorities in the United States as well, including, according to a recent poll, a majority of American Jews. Every additional day brings additional untold suffering. More civilians (as well as soldiers and fighters) are killed, a population is being starved, lives are destroyed and interrupted, the destruction of all aspects of life continues apace, and at least an additional one hundred of God’s children are killed every day while others are further traumatized and scarred for life. That a ceasefire is still “controversial” for some is beyond my comprehension.

From our friends at NETWORK

Dear California Advocates,


Happy Thursday! I’m writing today with a couple of important election updates, as well as an opportunity to act in support of Annunciation House.



First, in case you missed our recent webinar introducing our election plans, you can view it HERE.


Second, you can sign-up for the 4 (!) new trainings that are part of our 2024 Election series. Please encourage others to do the same.


Third, you can download our brand new “Equally Sacred Checklist.” We’re REALLY excited about it, and we hope you will use it…and share it! J


Act to Support Annunciation House

Annunciation House is a volunteer organization that offers hospitality to migrants, immigrants, and refugees in El Paso, Texas. Rooted in Catholic social teaching, the volunteers of Annunciation House live simply and in community, in the same houses as the guests they serve, who are mostly from Mexico and Central America. They also participate in advocacy and education around immigration issues. They seek to be a voice for justice and compassion, especially on behalf of the most marginalized of our society.


Their ministry of supporting migrants has recently made them a target of the Texas Attorney General. You can learn more here:




Act to Support Annunciation House: Right now, people living outside of Texas can show their support to Annunciation House by calling the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s comment line and urging them to challenge Texas’ illegal targeting of Annunciation House. Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (TX-16) has done a great job of briefing Attorney General Merrick Garland about what is happening, and now it’s your turn to take action.


·        The DOJ comment line is 202-353-1555, option 4


·        When you call, be sure to say your name and where you live, and especially be sure to let them know if you’re a Catholic sister or an associate.


·        Here’s an example of what you could say: “Texas officials are using their laws to attack Annunciation House, a trusted Catholic organization that has long followed the Gospel tradition of caring for those in need at the border with temporary shelter and support.  Texas has sued and threatened Annunciation House with closure and even years of imprisonment, calling their essential work “smuggling” and operating “stash houses.” I urge the Department of Justice to immediately challenge Texas’ illegal targeting of Annunciation House. Texas must be stopped in this shocking campaign that jeopardizes the network of Catholic organizations, employees, and volunteers who serve migrants, as well as people of good faith across Texas who reach out to provide essential respite for migrants.”


·         If you have volunteered at Annunciation House, briefly mention that. You may have seen that the USCCB has framed this as a religious liberty issue. “We must especially preserve the freedom of Catholics and other people of faith to assist their communities and meet migrants’ basic human needs,” the Chair of the Committee for Religious Liberty recently said in a press conference. If you’re comfortable talking about religious liberty, please do!


That’s everything for now. Let me know if you have any questions.


Your advocacy and support are greatly appreciated!


Catherine Gillette

Pronouns: she/herSenior Grassroots Mobilization Organizer

820 First Street NE, Suite 350 | Washington, DC 20002


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