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December 24, 2023: Christmas Is Today and Every Day

December 24, 2023: Christmas Is Today and Every Day

Christmas Is Today and Every Day

At the heart of everything is one love;

the love that gave birth to all of creation

is the same love that was born on that first Christmas morning, in Bethlehem,

the light that shone in the darkness.

That same love is the light being born in you each day, without ceasing.

So, open yourself to this light,

and celebrate the coming of God into this world in your darkness—

for Christmas is not long ago and far away,

but here and now, today and every day.

- Meister Eckhart

A Dominican friar born in 1260 has become an important spiritual companion to many of us. Meister Eckhart was an enormously popular preacher in the fourteenth century. He got in trouble with the Church for speaking as a mystic--that is, for blurring the line between where the soul ends and God begins. Mystics live with a sense of union with God, and so such blurred language comes naturally to them.

Here are two quotes from Meister Eckhart that stay with me all year long:

“What good is it for me if Mary gave birth to the Son of God 1400 years ago and I don't give birth to God's son in my person and my culture and my times?”

“You can call God goodness, you can call God love, but the best name for God is compassion.”

Even thousands of light-years away from Earth, there’s a cluster of stars getting into the Christmas spirit. Images released by NASA this week show a grouping of stars from the NGC 2264 cluster illuminated in bright green, blue and white lights across its Milky Way celestial skies.


Commonly referred to as the “Christmas Tree Cluster,” the formation has a faint triangle-shaped base and stems extending out on its sides, making its structure resemble that of the popular Norway spruce that’s become a holiday staple and tradition.

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