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Art Trails with Bob McFarland

Art Trails with Bob McFarland

Please make it a point to visit Bob McFarland's studio if you have a chance to see his amazing work:

Address: 2404 2404 Marylyn Cir

Petaluma, CA 94954-1810

Of his art Bob says:

I photograph for beauty. Beauty is as essential to life as air. We are addicted to it. We are zombies without it. All living organisms survive, thrive, with the pursuit and enchantment of beauty. The satisfaction, the passionate desire for beauty provides, Plato thought, our greatest pleasure, our greatest happiness.

The world we live in is so wonderful and mysterious, we need only to believe in transcendence merely beyond our egos to experience harmony, integration, wholeness, the contemplative nourishment that gives us our humanity: compassion, innocence, dignity, purity, peace -- the hallmarks of our very humanity.

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