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1072: Tools for Transformation from JustFaith (presentation tomorrow - please join if you're able)

Day 1072: Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Tools for Transformation from JustFaith

Introductory Presentation - Tools for Transformation

Wednesday, February 22 4:30pm Pacific Time

For nearly 20 years, JustFaith Ministries programs have inspired individuals/small groups to participate in the transformation of the world. Join author and JustFaith Ministries Founder, Jack Jezreel, M.Div., and his colleague Leila Oakley, M.T.S. as they introduce the programs of JustFaith Ministries and share how they can be used as a “tool for transformation” for congregations, organizations, or communities.

Register to Learn More: Use this link

Have you heard our mini-podcast?

Check out our latest episode of our mini-podcast featuring Vicki Vernon Lott, Ph.D. who serves on the Board of Directors and as a consultant for JustFaith Ministries, that accompanies our monthly blog posts.

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Let us pray:

We pause for a moment to reflect on this image of the Cross, and to remember that Jesus was then, and is now, in solidarity with human suffering. We pray for the wisdom to seek greater understanding about the root causes of racial injustice and all forms of injustice, not just in February during Black History Month, but every day all year long. Open our eyes to be true disciples of Christ who can see the connection between the Cross and the Lynching Tree. May we have the strength and courage to address injustices through the lens of all those who can’t breathe. Amen.

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