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966: Diarmuid's Week: Send in the Pizza (but not till Sunday)

Day 966: Monday, November 7, 2022

Diarmuid's Week: Send in the Pizza (but not till Sunday)

Francis celebrates his birthday with .... pizza!

This is a special week for our community. On Thursday November 10th we have our conversation with Diarmuid in person at Knox/Thanksgiving and on Zoom too.

Then on Sunday, we have a discussion with Diarmuid to which everyone is invited. I've sent out notices to the Inter-Faith group, to family and friends and I'm sure you have shared the flyer around too.

Pat O'Connor came up with a brilliant idea to order Pizza on Sunday for the potluck. Patti England pointed out so wisely that having Pizza delivered would free us up to be with our guests instead of worrying about cooking in the kitchen. Mary suggested we not even order until we counted the number of people who will stay for the potluck. More brilliance.

Pat O'Connor would like several people to volunteer to bring cold salads, desserts and wine.

So - please call or write Pat and let her know what you'd like to bring to our potluck.

- Patti England has already signed up for a large Caesar Salad

- David will bring 2 bottles of wine (what else?)

If you'd like to participate please call or email Pat O'connor

Phone #: (415) 377-3283


Please note:

Mary FitzGerald lost her brother and is in Cincinnati for the funeral.

Please keep her, Ed and their whole family in your prayers.

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