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910:The Divine feminine carries on in all of us, Carries on in her work and play in all of us- Jerry

Day 910: Monday, September 12, 2022

The Divine feminine carries on in all of us, Carries on in her work and play in all of us

Please Note this announcement from Andy Darrow:

There is a service planned in the Monterey diocese for Beth with several priests at Resurrection Parish in Aptos on November 12 at 11 AM followed by some kind of reception. All are welcome. If you’d pass this info on maybe there would be people who want to attend. I’ll be leading the music for Beth’s service there.

Memories of Beth from Annette Lomont:

I am very sorry that I will be away next Sunday when the Emmaus Community will celebrate Beth's life. On Thursday I'm leaving for Philadelphia for a family wedding and reunion. It's my first trip since 2019. I'm back in SF on September 12.

I have wonderful memories of Beth. When we were in El Paso, I rode with Beth a number of times. On one of those rides she introduced me to a favorite song of hers. It has become a favorite of mine.

Perfect Symphony

Memories of Beth from Jim Jepson

In 2005, I received an email from someone named Beth Jordan asking if we had a Call To Action chapter in the Santa Rosa area. She had gotten my name from the CTA national directory. I told here yes, indeed, and invited here to our monthly meeting of CTA of the Redwood Empire.

The rest is history. By 2008 she had invited the woman priest from Rochester to come help us set up an Intentional Eucharistic Community, which is where we are now.

In 2010, Beth and I co-chaired the CTA Western Region Conference in Santa Rosa. She was a delight to work with and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone was welcomed and enjoyed the conference. Then in 2019, Beth was wone of the group that organized the CTA Western Region Conference in Sacramento, along with Marcie Dahlen and me and several CTA friends form the Sacramento chapter. She always added greatly to these community efforts.

Yes, as other have said, she was always kind, generous and funny; she had a great sense of humor. But she did so much – being chosen as “Teacher of the Year” in the Santa Rosa Schools was an example of that.

We will miss her greatly – but she left a lot of wonderful memories to cherish.

Jim Jepson

Memories of Beth from Enid Macken

I looked over copies of the newsletter I did for Call To Action. Beth played a huge role in getting Emmaus started. She brought Mary Rammerman and Jim Callan here as well as Victoria to help us organize our goals and dreams and actually bring Emmaus to life.

As I read the old newsletters, I realized Beth took on leadership roles in other Call To Action activities. She was co-chairman with Jim Jepson of the 2010 West Coast Call To Action Conference we hosted and helped plan a retreat day with Dan and Victoria.

Beth was still teaching during all of this time. Many of us were retired, but Beth always stepped up to help. I am attaching 3 articles from the old newsletters. One was written by Beth after the 2010 conference.

I am not sure if I can come on Sunday. My back problems have gotten worse. I am preparing for a procedure on Wednesday to lessen the pain. I am avoiding gatherings to try to stay healthy. Now that Sunday is honoring Beth I may come with a mask and not eat. It sounds like Zoom is a little uncertain.

Thanks from Gerry Ricard

How wonderful to reconnect yesterday in person with all of Emmaus beautiful vibrant persons. As we were walking to our cars yesterday I told Peter it felt like a family reunion!

Thank you Dave for all your diligent work over at Knox Presbyterian!

Thank you Victoria …every one of your cohorts who contributed by donating your time and efforts to get us to this point.

I like the eating outside I like the meeting in the sanctuary I like the more modest and cozy and intimate feeling of the whole place over there don’t you?

Please give my gratefulness to Pat for her consistent search for a suitable, more centrally located and more ,much more reasonable good vibes place to meet.

And honoring Beth and her dedication to Joan Chittister, her teaching us, as Peter brought out, to be good listeners, and never cut in when conversing.

But most of all her vibrant spirit, her robust love that she, while having her physical challenges, bestowed on all who she had occasion to interact with

Throughout the past nearly 3 years you have kept us going David, Victoria, Steve, Jim, Ed, Mary, Jim Keck, Dan V and Dan L, JoAnn, Linda, Rosemary and Joe and so many other faithful stalwarts leading the video zoom meetings. Thank you

And those daily text readings, so fresh, original, inspiring, and ennobling, blessing our everyday lives with hope with their examples of exemplary living …even as terrible news from news media and social media compete constantly for our attention.

Many unique blessings to all of you this coming week I actually fast approach the fall equinox which reminds me oh my birthday three days after it.

This year I will be a young 80 year on the planet, a historical archivist, a widower of five years with my uplifting and helpful, supportive daughter Shawna, the fun-loving daughter who will be celebrating being cancer free from a brain tumor for 5 years this October 18 at a nice restaurant in Davis, CA.

The Divine feminine carries on in all of us, Carries on in her work and play in all of us

…and the beat goes on …

From Therese Taylor from Knox

It was a lovely service for your friend Beth. I felt like I knew her loving essence by the end of the service. Thank you for including me. I’ll go by the church today, but have no worries about it’s condition. I’m sure it was left in clean as a whistle.

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