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906 Addendum: Calendar of Upcoming Events: So many good things! 4 Incredible announcements!

Day 906 Addendum: Calendar of Upcoming Events: So many good things!

From St. Patricks Episcopal in Kenwood - from BobbieJo:

I wanted to share this information with the Emmaus Community!

Our Adult Education ministry has planned a couple of events and we would like to extend the invitation to everyone! We are trying to reach as many people as possible in our county.

Event #1: Friday September 9, 2022 at 5:00PM

The first event coming up is a film that will be shown in Stevenson Hall with popcorn!

The film is called Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet'




This important film examines the earth’s biodiversity collapse and how this crisis can be healed. Bring your friends and family to this free film, enjoy some popcorn and be all the wiser about what we can do to save our planet. Please RSVP to Bobbiejo at or call 707-833-4228, ext. 1

Link for the movie film event:

Event #2:

A 6 week long course with The Rev. Bruce Bramlett.

Uncovering and Challenging a History We Thought We Knew: The Development of Rabbinic Judaism and Classical Christianity, 586 B.C.E. to 325 C.E. This six-week class will explore the long developmental trajectory of Rabbinic Judaism and Classical Christianity through the critical period of western history from 586 B.C.E. to 325 C.E. Beginning with the traumatic, decisive events of exile in Babylon where what we call “Judaism” began, we will trace the development of Jewish tradition and self-consciousness through its encounter, accommodation, and resistance to the Hellenistic world.

This course will be held on Tuesdays from 11:30-1:00 on the following dates: September 13, 20,27 and October 4,11,18.

Class will be held in Stevenson Hall at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 9000 Sonoma Highway in Kenwood, California.

We will have light refreshments at 11:15. A recommended donation of $30 for the course will help off-set expenses. Please. R.S.V. P. to Bobbiejo at or call 707-833-4228 ext. 1.

Link for Rabbinic Judaism class:

ANNOUNCEMENT #2: from our friends at NETWORK


Register for Our Election Workshop Series Today!

Dear Friends,

Are you a multi-issue voter who is ready to build a multi-racial, inclusive democracy? Would you love to know how you can connect faith, Catholic Social Justice issues, and voting? Then NETWORK's virtual three-part election workshop series is for you! NETWORK is hosting, Transform Our Politics! Becoming a Pope Francis Voter, to provide a vision and skills for this election season and beyond. Register today!

The interactive workshops explore NETWORK's Cornerstones to Build Our Country Anew: Dismantling Systemic Racism, Cultivating Inclusive Community, and Rooting Our Economy in Solidarity. NETWORK staff will also teach messaging strategies that you can use with friends and family to have productive transformative conversations, write letters to the editor, and more.

Sign up for NETWORK's Pope Francis Voter election workshops today!

Each week, the same workshop will be offered on Mondays during the day and on Wednesdays in the evening. The workshops will be 90-minutes long and held on Zoom.

I. Dismantle Systemic Racism on Monday, September 12, Noon Eastern/9:00 AM Pacific or Wednesday, September 14, 7:00 PM Eastern/4:00 PM Pacific. Learn More.

II. Cultivate Inclusive Community on Monday, September 19, Noon Eastern/9:00 AM Pacific or Wednesday, September 21, 7:00 PM Eastern/4:00 PM Pacific. Learn More.

III: Root Our Economy in Solidarity on Monday, September 26, Noon Eastern/9:00 AM Pacific or Wednesday, September 28, 7:00 PM Eastern/4:00 PM Pacific. Learn More.

This election season, we can cultivate a community of voters who are committed to building a better kind of politics. Sign up for all three sessions of Transform Our Politics! Becoming a Pope Francis Voter today!

Announcement #3: From our friends at St. Ignatius Parish in San Francisco:

Encountering Vatican II


Living Into the Council with Francis

Check the series out using this link:

When Pope Francis called for a Synod on Synodality, late in 2021, he was continuing a process begun in the Second Vatican Council—that revolutionary meeting of bishops from around the world, which turned the altar towards the people and the Church towards the world. This fall, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the convening of Vatican II, St. Ignatius Parish will host a six-part series inviting all of us to encounter this Council and its continuing effects for the Catholic community.

To Francis, who has proclaimed “the Council is the Magisterium of the Church,” the call of Vatican II is a mandate to the whole People of God to engage the world and the Church with a new heart: a heart filled with hope and promise, a heart that can embrace the world with the mercy of God. In this series, scholars from across the country will come to St. Ignatius Church, inviting us to encounter the principal documents of the Council (i.e., the four major “Constitutions” below) in a new way, and calling us to see how these documents point us towards the Church that we, as God’s People, can create.


Michael Sean Winters

October 6, 20226 In this first session, Michael Sean Winter from the National Catholic Reporter opens the series with an overview of the context in which Vatican II took place, and why it matters today.

Rita Ferrone

October 13, 2022 13 In this session, Rita Ferrone, author of Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium, will examine the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy

Gina Hens-Piazza

November 3, 2022

In this session, Gina Hens-Piazza, professor of Old Testament Studies at the Jesuit School of Theology, will discuss the Constitution on Sacred Scripture.

Jeanette Rodriguez

Thursday, November 17, 2022:

In this session, Jeanette Rodriguez, professor of theology and religious studies at Seattle University, will explore the effects of Gaudium et Spes, i.e., The Pastoral Constitution of the Church.

Announcement #4:

Race, Identity, and the Power of Story

Sponsored by North Bay Organizing Project's Religious Leaders' Caucus

Saturday, September 17th


Christ Church United Methodist

1717 Yulupa Ave., Santa Rosa, CA

As people of faith and goodwill, we are called to dismantle racism. But we often stick to book studies and videos, because we feel awkward with new people, or we're afraid that we'll mess up. While our feelings are valid, we can learn to show up in our community better!

Join us for a time of personal reflection, group discussion, and learning through story-telling, led by facilitators from Uncommon Grace. Dinner, additional relationship building, and a solidarity action will follow the workshop.

For more information and to RSVP:

Uncommon Grace visit

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