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836: Links to Videos of Emmaus Liturgies, Picnic, Conversation with Sister Mary Waskowiak and more!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Day 836: Thursday, June 30, 2022

Links to Videos of Emmaus Liturgies, Picnic, Conversation with Sister Mary Waskowiak and more!

Please note: These videos are on our shared Google Drive. It may take a few moments to load on your computers as these files are quite large. Be patient and enjoy.

Step by Step Retreat with Diarmuid O’Murchu September 18, 2021

Emmaus April 2022 Picnic at Beth Jordan’s

Emmaus Liturgy May 8, 2022 by Dan, Vicki and Alison

Emmaus Liturgy for May 22, 2022

Emmaus Liturgy for June 12, 2022

Emmaus Liturgy for June 26,2022

Liturgy Resources Library Link

Conversation with Sister of Mercy Mary Waskowiak who is working with immigrants on the San Diego / Tijuana border

Women Erased: The Forbidden Call Screening and Conversation

FutureChurch hosted a special screening of THE FORBIDDEN CALL, a documentary short by AnaMichele Morejon. We were joined by AnaMichele and Diane Whalen, the film’s subject, for conversation and questions and answers following the screening. Because THE FORBIDDEN CALL is still in the festival circuit, we are unable to present the film itself. This recording, however, captures the conversation that follows.

Women Erased: The Forbidden Call with AnaMichele Morejon and Diane Whalen

Diane Whalen experienced a call to priesthood when she was very young and answered that call in whatever ways were available to her in parish ministries, as a Jesuit Volunteer, social worker, and spiritual director. She completed a BA in Religious studies, Masters in Social Work, MA in Ministry and D.Min in Spiritual Direction and continues her work of spiritual direction. She and her husband, Bill have been happily married for 45 years and have two adult daughters. Diane loves people and finds great joy serving Holy Wisdom Inclusive Catholic Community in Olympia, WA. Visit their site by using this link:

And a prayer:

Drenched in Holiness

Dear God, Spirit, Divine Mother,

On this day we ask you to grant this request, May we know who we are and what we are Every moment of every day.

May we be a catalyst for light and love,

And bring inspiration to those whose eyes we meet.

May we have the strength to stand tall in the face of conflict,

And the courage to speak my voice, even when we are scared. May we have the humility to follow our hearts, And the passion to live our soul's desires.

May we seek to know the highest truth And dismiss the gravitational pull of our lower self.

May we embrace and love the totality of ourselves our darkness as well as our light.

May we be brave enough to hear our hearts,

To let our hearts soften so that we may gracefully Choose faith over fear.

Today is our day to surrender anything that stands

Between the sacredness of our humanity and our divinity. May we be drenched in your Holiness And engulfed by Your love.

May all else melt away.

And so it is.

- Debbie Ford

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