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836: Hermine's Art (An important addendum to Blog 836)

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Emmaus: I have a confession to make. I created this Blog and meant to send it as part of Day 836 - it would have fit nicely inside that Blog. What happened? A wedding, a house full of guests, a hectic schedule... I don't really know. Simply put - I screwed up and am so sorry we missed visiting Hermine's artwork as the exhibition ended at the end of July. However you can visit it online. Please read Hermine's explanation of her artistic career and this piece in particular.

Displaying her artwork is a significant step for any artist. I failed to inform you of the dates of the exhibition but you can still view the art online. Please read Hermine's lovely artist statement which follows.

Here's the link to the online show.

Artist Statement by Hermine (Mia) Glaser:

My first University class at Hunter in New York City was in Philosophy and Art. Later when I became a stuff member of an upstate NY Conference Center I continued with art at New Paltz University, where I heard for the first time about “Art therapy” and I deeply felt that was what I like to study: Healing Art, a language of art expressions for not only children, but grown ups too, who can often hide cleverly with words.

It took a long journey and finally I got a BA with a double mayor in Art and Psychology from Sonoma State University and later a MA in Psychology with emphasis in Art Therapy,

So much time has passed. I did focus for a while on mask making and clay sculptures in small and large works and got recognition with it

This recycle art project speaks deeply to me.

Growing up, after a war time, that deeply effected my parents and the whole family of seven children, where I was the youngest. I was too small to remember, but I always heard that we lost our beloved homeland, which is now Czech Republic. I grew up in Bavaria (Germany.)

There was no money and very little toys for children, so to have joy, I had to create something almost from nothing.

What a coincidence that I got this e-mail, about this show, that invited artists to enter recycled art, just at the right time.

I had this wood assemblage for many years in the back garden watching the change from the weather elements and now our big building will be painted soon and we had to remove everything from the outside walls.

When I measured the longest side, it was exactly the maximum of the required inches.

I felt a calling to do something with it for this art show!

I cleaned each little corner and it took some hammering and gluing.

I love the dark wood, the ins and out of the wood pieces, causing constant shadow and light.

For me it is a metaphor of Life; the different places, inside and out— the many changes with age and the weather, all that we can’t control much in our life. It just shapes us.

One side of myself is very serious, but another side is very playful and that is expressed by placing my Sand Tray figurines in this panel of Life. All these images have meaning to me and even the colors of blue, yellow, red and white. Nature is expressed with different animals. History, spirituality and even humor are there with these figurines.

Taking time to put all together gave me again more awareness of who I am and I hope it speaks also to the viewers.

In the SRAC Gallery & Online

June 3 – July 30, 2022

UpCycle: ReImagine and ReCycle


312 South A Street

Santa Rosa 95401




Artist’s Reception

and SOFA Arts District First Friday Open Studios

Friday July 1 5-7pm


Artwork made from objects that have satisfied their original use. UpCycled art promotes conservation of our planet’s limited resources. The inspired works showcase new, original uses for so-called disposable objects. In addition, reusing these objects in artwork reduces the amount of trash going to landfill!

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