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809: Emmaus Synod Listening Notes from Denise and Enid

Day 809, Friday June 3, 2022

Emmaus Synod Listening Notes from Denise and Enid

An Announcement from Denise and Enid

We thank those of you who shared your thoughts at our Synod Listening Session before the May 22nd liturgy. A copy of the comments is available here. We invite those of you who didn’t attend and would like to contribute your thoughts about Emmaus and/or the Catholic Church to send them to Once we have everyone’s comments, we will compose a document to send to the Vatican.

Emmaus Synod Listening Notes

Positive Qualities of Emmaus

· Community

· Led by laity, not clergy

· Independent from Rome

· No hierarchy

· We are God’s people

· Not doing pray, pay, obey

· Listening to Jesus

· Small enough to know everyone

· We are there for each other

· Freedom and aliveness not seen in parishes

· Here by choice not duty

· Participatory

· Not just sitting and receiving

· Inclusive

· Living the Gospel mandate

· Apostolic

· Involved in action, reaching out to those who need help

· Christian mission to live out faith

· Radical hospitality

· Freedom allows Emmaus to be creative

· Each person brings their gifts to the community

· Intimacy

· Equal in authority of our spirituality

· Women are equal to men in Emmaus

· Reflecting 1st century Christians in our gatherings

· Finances not a major worry

· Reflecting John XXIII’s goals for Vatican II

· Every liturgy is new and creative, open to new ideas

· Dialog homilies help us get to know each other

· Energetic, engaged people

· Donations go to organizations that foster structural change

Actions Emmaus Could Take

· Share the news of Emmaus with others who would be interested –

“We are a best kept secret.”

· Offer the model of Emmaus to others, help them get started

· Continue to tell our stories as we walk along the road.

When we hear stories, it strengthens us.

Catholic Church – Aspects Valued by Emmaus Members

· Anointing at Baptism makes us a priestly people

· Our Catholic roots should be honored. They have led us to where we are.

· Catholic Church has many riches; keep them.

· Good messages (love one another) good role models (St Francis)

Catholic Church – Weaknesses

· Liturgies involve sitting and receiving, not participatory, like looking at a performance

· Judgmental, not inclusive

· Women are 2nd class members

· Fear of letting laity have a voice

· Hierarchy doesn’t always want to listen to peace and justice concerns

· Hierarchy of church not following their own messages or role models (love and acceptance)

· Pastors sometimes not interested in meeting with parish groups

· Pastors spend more time on finances and administration

· People attend mass as a duty – fear of mortal sin

· Large parishes make it difficult to develop community – perhaps parishes could have annexes in neighborhoods.

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