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759 Remember me at the parties! And Active Hope Series

Day 759 Holy Thursday, April 14, 2022

“Remember me at the parties!"

Christians often call the meal on the night before Jesus was murdered the “Last Supper.” However, there were no Christians at that meal. They were all Jews because this was the Passover feast — the Seder.

But they were not all the same kind of Jews. Around that table were people with many different lifestyles, beliefs, and doubts. One of them had even cut a deal with the police to help arrest Jesus! Yet, everybody had a place at the table, no one was excluded.

That was the point, as Jesus gathered together his extended family in preparation for his saying farewell. As The Didache, a First Century prayer put it,

As different grains have been gathered from the hills and baked into one bread so may your people be gathered from the ends of the earth…

There is much we can take from that Passover meal in Jerusalem centuries ago. It echoes to the present day. I will never forget Tammy, a nine-year-old girl dying of AIDS, saying to those of us in her room in final days of her life, “Remember me at the parties!

I believe that was partly what was in Jesus's heart that night, as his companions sang and danced to celebrate the Passover from slavery to freedom.

Someday it is going to be the time for each of us to leave something to those we love. What will it be?

- Brother Toby

Announcement: Please Sign Up for the Active Hope Series

Active Hope

Offered by “The Active Hope Foundation” Based on the work of Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone. The Active Hope Training course is a free, video based online 7-week self -paced program for positive change. April 22, Earth Day- June 22, 2022 St. Columba’s Council for Ecological Discipleship will facilitate a group to undertake this journey to nourish our ability to make a difference. We will explore the following themes of Active Hope Training:

Coming from Gratitude,

Honoring our Pain for the World,

Seeing with New Eyes Parts I and II,

Going Forth,

Deepening and Sharing Active Hope. Participants will register for two Zoom group meetings to explore our process and provide support to one another: Wednesday May 18, 5:00-6:00 pm PDT Wednesday June 22, 5:00-6:00 pm PDT REGISTRATION Participants may sign up individually for the online training at any time:

Then click on “enroll now” button on the course information page at There is no cost for this program. The links above will be resent to the email provided with a more detailed schedule. Active Hope is created and offered by the Active Hope Foundation; St. Columba's Council for Ecological Discipleship will facilitate two community discussions via Zoom as we take the journey together. Please direct questions to Anna Haight ( Join Us!

Glory by the Detroit Youth Choir

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