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752: Palm Sunday and Picnic Announcements!

Day 752: Thursday, April 7, 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT for our Emmaus Intentional Eucharistic Community:


This Sunday, April 10, 2022

As we come together to celebrate Palm Sunday, and the high holy days of Holy Week ahead, I am reminded of the way that Jesus chose to enter the city of Jerusalem, for what would be his very last time. Jesus knew the prophecies of old; and I think he also hoped that the crowds who had gathered near the gate, would recognize the signs and symbols of the “true” awaited Messiah…”one, humble and riding upon… a colt.”

We too are continuously called upon to make choices. Every moment of our days, beckons us to be awake and alert to all that is facing us, and how best to focus our attention.

How do you come to that place of choosing…deciding what will capture your attention, or as Brianne Swimme often says,

“What allures you?”

What draws you, almost like gravity…what pulls you?

What allures you to make the choices that you make…

maybe even without thinking?

Personally, I think it’s a process. First, some kind of a “clearing out” process, like meditation, or a mantra, that allows all the dross and mind clutter to fall away, so that the heart and soul is cleared out and readied to receive…to be quiet enough, still enough, open enough, to listen to what surfaces within.

Secondly, in that still, quiet place, the Sacred will be there with us…will offer itself to us. Jesus knew this so well, because he so often sought out those times and places of stillness.

But, once through those gates in Jerusalem, Jesus makes clear, his choice is to stand with his God, and in opposition to the Reign of Rome…he doesn’t stop the crowds’ cries of Hosanna! In fact, when questioned, Jesus makes clear, he can’t stop them… for, as he says, “the very stones will cry out!”

So, as we walk through our liturgy this Sunday, and as we walk, step by step, through our Holy Week ahead,

Which procession calls you?

What allures and attracts you?

Where, to what, and to whom are you being called?

Victoria MacDonald

Nancy McFarland

PICNIC! YES PICNIC! Let's gather at Beth's Clubhoouse and have some fun and big hugs (finally).

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