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625 Secret Santa (shhhh... it's Patti England)

Day 625 Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Secret Santa (shhh... it's Patti England)

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Emmaus:

This year, I’d like to ask the Emmaus Community for their help again with the Christmas program that I do with the clients that use Sonoma Overnight Support for food, counseling, laundry, showers and health needs. Several people helped last year and some called after we had already done all the distribution.

Our distribution date this year is Dec 18th and we’ll serve about 200 special dinners.

We have about 200 - 250 clients but I am sending you about 50 names.

You can help in a variety of ways:

Here’s a link to a spreadsheet we can all share. Simply choose someone you’d like to buy a gift for and fill in your name in the “Adopted By column” GOOGLE SAVES YOUR CHANGES AUTOMATICALLY.

Here’s the link:

1. Select a person or persons (family units are marked 1 of 2 or 3, 2 of 2 or 3, 3 of 3, etc you may choose to buy for one person in the family, 2 or 3 – it’s up to you.)

Buy the gift and Patti will arrange to pick up the gifts, wrapped or unwrapped, but labeled with name.

You can also order gifts (from Amazon or Costco or wherever you like to shop) and have them delivered to my address, please have a gift receipt with the person’s name on it.

Let Patti know who is selected.

Patti's address is 18885 Carriger Road, Sonoma, CA 95476,

phone (707) 217-8481


2. You may decide to send a check to cover: Select a person or persons and send a check to me made out to Secret Santa to cover the cost, I will have someone shop for the item.

3. Make a donation to Secret Santa (tax deductible) and send the check to me. We keep the checks collected for Sonoma Valley separate and true up with Secret Santa, later. They’ll help cover what Sonoma Valley doesn’t cover.

Any questions, please feel free to call Patti England

My address is 18885 Carriger Road, Sonoma, CA 95476, phone (707) 217-8481 or email:

Technical issues with the spreadsheet please call David Carlson at 707.293.7159

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