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606 Little Amal is 3.5 meters tall because we want the world to grow big enough to greet her.

Day 606 Thursday, November 11, 2021

Little Amal is 3.5 meters tall because we want the world to grow big enough to greet her.”

(Little Amal arrives at Saint Peter's Square)

“as Christians, we cannot be indifferent to the tragedy of old and new forms of poverty, to the bleak isolation, contempt and discrimination experienced by those who do not belong to 'our group'” and added, “we cannot remain insensitive, our hearts deadened, before the misery of so many innocent people. We must not fail to weep. We must not fail to respond.”

- Pope Francis

(Litle Amal in Cantebury, England)

The tragic civil war in Syria has caused millions of Syrians to flee for their lives. Their stories are heartbreaking. The war has destroyed hundreds of thousands of people, their ancient cities, their culture and their history.

But its easy to forget the plight of so many blameless victims - especially because we are separated from them by many miles. But we will remember and a special puppet is helping to open our hearts.

(Little Amal embraces the Angels Unawares sculpture, depicting migrants and refugees,

in Saint Peter's Square)

For the past several months, Little Amal, an 11-foot-tall puppet depicting a Syrian refugee girl, has been on a 5,000-mile trek across Europe, bringing attention to the plight of millions of these refugees and displaced children around the world.

(Little Amal walks among children in Adana, Turkey)

The Handspring Puppet Company and Good Chance Theatre worked together to build the character and embark on the months-long project titled “The Walk,” beginning on the Syrian border with Turkey, passing through dozens of cities and towns in Europe and ending in the United Kingdom.

(Little Amal is addressed by the archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols)

Amir Nizar Zuabi, the project’s artistic director, says, “The purpose of The Walk is to highlight the potential of the refugee, not just their dire circumstances. Little Amal is 3.5 meters tall because we want the world to grow big enough to greet her.”

(Little Amal sleeps in Piraeus, Greece)


We have a Celebration this Sunday. Steve Lyman asks that we watch a couple of brief videos prior to the liturgy

One is Joanna Macy addressing the Bioneers conference titled

The Hidden Promise of Our Dark Age.

The presentation by Joanna Macy starts at 6 minutes into the video

Here's the link:


The second is Angeles Arrien speaking about

The Cornerstones of Wisdom, the Four-Fold Way.

Here is the link (please watch it before our Sunday celebration)


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