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595 October 31, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers: Let's Join in Prayer, Action and Solidarity on November 1st!

On November 1, Catholics around the world celebrate All Saints Day by lighting candles and remembering all saints and celebrating the faithful and loving witness of our ancestors in the communion of saints.

November 1 is also the second day of COP26, the critical gathering of global leaders brought together to combat the climate crisis.

Meanwhile, in the United States, we will be preparing for Election Day on November 2 and digesting and responding to whatever progress on the reconciliation bill has been achieved by that point. Faced with threats to the key climate and justice provisions in the bill, five youth, including Catholic young adult Paul Campion began a hunger strike in Washington, D.C. on October 20, promising to refuse food until robust climate legislation is passed.

Campion, a community organizer from Chicago, and his fellow protesters are “sick and tired of broken promises.” He continued. “I’m hunger striking because I want to live a full, beautiful life without fear of the climate crisis and I want to have children, I want to play with them in the park and I want to have community dinners where I invite my friends and family over and we sing and we have a bonfire.


Participant Guide:

Monday Night Vigil:

Action Sign-Up Form:

Catholic Climate Covenant and Ignatian Solidarity Network are mobilizing Catholic young adults to join us in 24 hours of fasting, prayer, and action, beginning at sunrise on November 1 and concluding at sunrise on November 2.

There will also be a virtual vigil Monday, Nov. 1st at 8 pm Eastern. (5:00 Pacific). The Covenant is also calling on ALL Catholics to join them in an act of faithful solidarity. Please use this form to sign-up to participate.

For more information, go here

This call is an expression of solidarity with the youth hunger strikers and an opportunity for us to show up as a faith community in this historical moment. Taking this action on All Saints Day and on the eve of our elections is a reminder that our faith calls us to engage in the work of justice continually, as our ancestors in the Church have done. Together we work to ensure that future saints will be welcomed into a world in which they are able to live out their call to holiness to the fullest.


Catholic Climate Covenant

with love from Steve Lyman

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