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590 Final Notes from our board meeting for September 21st, 2021

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Day 590 Tuesday October 26th, 2021

Dear Sisters and Brothers: These are the final notes from our Board Meeting of September 21st, 2021.

During that ZOOM meeting, we discussed a number of important topics for our community. We began with a prayer followed by a financial report from Linda Wildman:

Item #1: An update on our finances from Linda Wildman, Treasurer

This is a “snapshot” of our finances for 2021. A couple of notes:

The board began with a discussion about the costs we have incurred during the past year. One of those costs is the copyright protection we have through our current licensing company “LicenseSing” which costs $200 per year.

David suggested looking at further protection through ASCAP/BMI (a service that supplies music licensing for private companies that use music at events etc. His research found that we are protected through the Religious Service Exemption in U.S. Copyright law which allows churches to play and perform copyrighted music during religious services. Please note however, this exemption does not apply to music outside of religious services.

It was the board's decision to continue to pay for insurance through LicenSing.

Item #1 A: There was also a discussion about the live music and the music library of recordings provided by Dana Couey and Doug Harmon.

In a motion by Dan Lambert It was decided to negotiate a payment of $500 to Doug for the library of music. Peter, Nancy and Alice 2nd the motion which was unanimously approved.

After a discussion with Doug Harmon, it was agreed that Emmaus would pay Doug $500 for the unlimited use of the Dana Couey and Doug Harmon music library.

1.A 2. Dan Lambert suggests: Provide comparative financial statements to give a picture of what is going on over time rather than just at the current moment. Financial statements to be provided quarterly.

It was agreed that Linda would provide yearly summaries for the past 5 years to be placed on our Googler Drive with the assistance of Ed FitzGerald.

Linda also presented a list of donations we have given since the founding of Emmaus. Please see attached list in Excel and PDF formats at the end of this Blog.

It was agreed that we would update the information on our website.

1.B Discuss monthly payment of $300 to Saint Patrick’s. It was recommended that the board revisit our monthly payment to St. Patrick’s. We also agreed to look for other places in which we could meet.


We have been paying the monthly rent throughout the pandemic which amounts to almost $6,000. We have paid this because we had no idea that the pandemic restrictions would last so long and we have an ongoing contract with St. Patrick’s for the use of their hall. It is a sign of our good faith and a realization that this is a very good deal for us which allows us to have a large space with a full kitchen.

However it was agreed that David would discuss a diminution of the rent with Priest Doyle at St. Patrick’s and further discuss a new date for resuming our in-person celebrations: To that end David visited St. Patrick’s for their 9:30am in person celebration on Sunday to view their Mass and speak with Priest Doyle.

St. Patrick’s is strict with its parishioners when it comes to Covid. They are aware that they may be liable for anyone who catches the virus from their meetings. To prevent spread:

· They ZOOM their celebrations so people at home do not come into the church.

· Each attendee must show a vaccination form, be tested for temperature and attest that they have not had Covid symptoms.

· There were 20 people at the service and all were spaced at least 6 feet apart.

· Each had her own pew although a couple of couple sat together.

· All wore masks.

· Only 1 person sings.

· After Mass people gather outside for coffee. The hall is not used. All maintained 6 foot distance.

Regarding the monthly payment: Priest Doyle and I spoke about lowering the payment. She said we could pay whatever we choose to pay. That will be up to the board to decide. She did not give us a date for returning to the hall but I’m hopeful that we can return once the State of California reduces the mask requirement.

According to a majority of the board an offering of $100 per month is an appropriate offering until we resume in person celebrations.

Other Venues:

Victoria, Peter and Ed have all done research into other venues.

Victoria has spoken with several faith communities that have churches but none has space or the time available for Emmaus.

Peter checked out The Palms on Santa Rosa avenue. They have no space.

Ed checked out rooms with a kitchen at Luther Burbank Center. They are available for approximately $1,003 per 4 hour event (see below). His report is below.

Item #2. A discussion on event support for "Celebrations of Life" and other events

Patti suggests we form an events committee and is willing to volunteer to coordinate the committee. Linda will also volunteer.

It was agreed that Emmaus will establish a $500 fund to use when needed. Motion passed with Alice, Jacqueline, Nancy seconding the motion.

Item # 3 (Didn’t cover this but Victoria provides the information: Update on celebrants for the fall and winter (any changes etc.)


Steve Lyman

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Thanksgiving Day (11-24-21)


Ed and Mary FitzGerald

First Sunday of Advent

American Indian Heritage Month

(Month of November)


Victoria MacDonald and Jeanine Hillman

Third Sunday of Advent

Human Rights Day (12-10-21)


Liturgy Committee Team

Feast of the Holy Family also Feast of Saint John

Christmas Day (December 25)

Item # 4. A discussion of the capabilities of “Google for Non-Profits

Dan Lambert and Ed FitzGerald (our two IT gurus) agreed that “Google for Non-Profits would provide us a simpler, more effective way to communicate via email and calendaring.

a. Google drive is simpler

b. It allows us to put everything under a single domain name.

c. Google Drive has the membership list and all the liturgy information.

d. Also has calendar capability.

The board discussed an online name for our community which should be a consistent name for our email and our website. Right now we have 2 different names: for our Email and Emmausnorcal for our website. This leads to unnecessary confusion.

The new idea that surfaced the most board support is:


Which will translate into a website with the URL

And an email:

There were many ideas put forward. Among them:

Emmausiec (for intentional eucharistic community)
















Emmaus707 (dropping the x)





Emmaus Road

Items we didn’t get to:

Item # 6. Discuss Need for regular board meetings end suggest quarterly and not on the same day as Emmaus services as that puts pressure on the board meeting.

We did agree on sending out the board notes to all community members once they have been approved.

We did discuss the list of Board of Directors and number of years served or beginning date of board service.

Peter 2019(a) Head, Tithing Committee

David 2009(a) co-chair

Jim Keck (2016) Chair, Website

Victoria 2018(a) Head, Liturgy Committee

Alice 2018(a) board member

Linda 2012(a) Treasurer

Patti England (2019) Chair, Celebrations Committee

Jacqueline Hayes 2019(a) member, Education Committee

Ed Fitzgerald (IT peritus and wise man

Dan Lambert (2019) board member IT, wise man

Nancy McFarland member, Education Committee

Suggest doing zoom meetings until further notice and make sure that all the Emmaus community is invited.

Suggest a board election for January 2022.

7. Discuss: Establish a committee to look at the future of Emmaus. What do we do to welcome new members and make sure they stay around. What do we do to attract new members?

Here is the complete list of tithing recipients since 2011 (see attached files in Excel and PDF formats)

PDF format by year

Emmaus Tithing by Year 2010 to 2021
Download PDF • 81KB

PDF format by alphabet order of recipient name

Tithing Alphabetized by Emmaus 2010 to 2021
Download PDF • 80KB

Tithing by both Year and in Alphabetical Order 2010 - 2021 in Excel Format

Tithing by Emmaus 2010 to 2021
Download XLSX • 21KB

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