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512 Their Catholic pastor held a cross and warned the guards to stay back. Miners welcome!

Day 512 Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Announcement #1 Irene's Memorial Celebration:

We have a few updates to share with you about

1) Very Important: St Leo's Church has been very gracious and is allowing us to have the service outside and they will be streaming the service through their Youtube channel on Saturday August 14th at 3pm INSTEAD of using Zoom.

Youtube Link (Very Important)

2) If you are interested in bringing some dessert to share at the reception, we would love to have your contribution to the meal.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions in regards to the celebration, or just to say hello, my contact information is below.

Warm Regards,

Geoffrey Bachelder


Announcement #2 Sandy McKeith

Sandy is having surgery this Friday so please remember her with your prayers, meditations and songs. We celebrate her and pray for a speedy recovery!

Announcement #3 Sam Jones Dinner

Sam Jones dinner: Next Wednesday, August 18th

Denise Dixon is sending out a recipe for chicken and rice casserole. Please Check your email.

The population of unhoused folks at Sam Jones is increasing g and may be as large as 135 souls.

We need 8 volunteers to make chicken and rice

3-4 people for salads

4 people for dessert (cupcakes this time)

Announcement #4: Journey of the Universe

with Steve Lyman

Plese mark your calendars for the next Journey of the Universe with Steve Lyman

(we will skip the 3rd Monday this month and go right into September:

Date: September 6th Labor day

2-4pm at Sandy and Bob McFarland’s home in Petaluma

2404 Marilyn Circle

Petaluma CA 94954

Email Nancy if you have Questions

Announcement #5: Links to Videos from Sunday, August 8th Celebration

Link to Emmaus Announcements Video for August 8th 2021

Link to Emmaus Celebration for August 8th 2021


Daily Reflection: The Loss of Richard Trumpka

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, died unexpectedly this week. His passing is a deep loss for the American labor movement and for working men and women across the country.

He had the amazing capacity to bring together the various ends of the labor movement. One of his great contributions was to see the common ground between the labor movement and the immigration reform movement. He was a great leader and a great friend to working people across this country.

Rich was dedicated to his family and he never forgot his family's roots in Nemacolin, Pennsylvania. Rich died while camping with his family. In many ways, he was in his favorite company in his favorite setting.

But there was even more to Rich. He was also a man of deep faith.

I remember the first time I sat with him in his office at the AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C., to discuss a way to connect Catholic pastors with rank-and-file workers. He believed there was a natural connection because of our church teaching about the dignity of work and the rights of workers. He was very encouraged by Pope Francis' call to create a "culture of encounter." This kind of encounter was something he had heard about and seen from his parish priests growing up.

On a shelf in his office, there was an old-fashioned

The helmet had a family history. As he held that helmet, Rich talked about the old pastor in his parish in Nemacolin. One night when coal miners were meeting to form a union, the coal company's armed guards broke up the meeting and chased the miners, catching up to them on the steps of the parish church.

There stood their Catholic pastor holding a cross and warning the guards to stay back. He declared the miners were welcomed in the church.

This understanding of the church, the importance of a parish priest accompanying workers, of workers themselves as people of faith and as union members shaped Rich Trumka as a man of faith. When we started the initiative to raise up a new generation of labor priests, Rich was all-in.

In recent years, Rich had teamed up with several U.S. cardinals and bishops in an effort at strengthening the bond between union members and Catholic leadership. When the U.S. Supreme Court was taking up the Janus v. AFSCME case, which remains a threat to workers' unions, the Catholic bishops responded with an amicus brief to support labor.

For Rich, faith and work came together in this. The Catholic Labor Network had anticipated Rich doing one of the Scripture readings at our Labor Day Mass to be celebrated by Washington Cardinal Wilton Gregory. We will miss this brother in the faith.

As he leaves us now, Rich Trumka does so "in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection." May flights of angels welcome him into the heavenly Jerusalem.

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Clete Kiley

Fr. Clete Kiley is chaplain to the Chicago Federation of Labor and senior adviser to the Unite Here International Union.

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