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460 A 90th Birthday Blessing to Celebrate Alice Waco Written by Victoria MacDonald

460 Saturday, June 19th, 2021

A 90th Birthday Blessing to Celebrate Alice Waco

Written by Victoria MacDonald

A 90th

Birthday Blessing to Celebrate

Alice Waco

Written by Victoria MacDonald

In the waning days

of your parent’s depression-era dreams,

your bright spirit

lept excitedly into the ether of this swirling planet!

With stardust still clinging, you did not know

just where, or when, or how your life

might flow from first touchdown to fulfillment;

such thoughts registering not even a minor concern!

For deep inside you, a homing mechanism

always just seemed to know the way.

Those early fledgling childhood adventures

somehow led to enfolding convent days of

busy teaching schedules, academic pursuits and accomplishments.

But simultaneous to these, deep explorations

into immense outer and inner worlds were galvanizing within you.

Later, flowing from those days, a northern California city,

Santa Rosa, soon gained you as their lauded Chemistry teacher,

attracting colleagues, friends and students to

the elements, periodic tables, and wisdom of your life!

Before long, friends of friends, feeling that same “chemistry”

introduced you to Bill McKee, an equally volatile spirit of energy and delight;

photography, poetry, inspiration, running and cycling like the wind!

What explosions of joy and goodness seemed to combust from your two spirits!

Though, together not long enough,

his now absent, presence, permeates each atom of your being!

The porch that Bill built, while you were away,

stands proudly alongside the garden flowers and plants

you both so loved… and cherish still.

And, signs honoring your abiding commitment to social justice

still dot your neighborhood.

Though your many years of trips to Nicaragua and weekend prison ministry

here at home have lessened, your heartfelt dedication has not.

When decades ago, religion lost its shimmer, you somehow found your way

to the doors of Emmaus, bringing with you

all the many components of your life, that found fueling in the arms of Emmaus.

Now surrounded by all of us, your Emmaus family,

may you, our dear bright spirit, Alice,

feel the love which you have generated over all these many years,

encircling you now!

May every good gift you have offered, every insight gained,

every hand of compassion you have extended, come back to you…a hundredfold!

May the bright spark of your spirit, Alice, ignite all those you have touched

through these ninety incredible years of your life!

Ignite us all to walk with you, Alice,

to continue accompanying you in your good and lasting work,

seeking peace, honoring goodness and truth; touching others

with tenderness, healing and compassion.

We your Emmaus Community

encircle you today, Alice, with love beyond measure,

and our biggest 90th birthday blessings

to you today

and everyday of this year to come…

and always!

And the good people of this beloved Emmaus community say,


Presented on this day,

June 18, 2021,

with love always,

Your Emmaus Community

More photos by Hermine coming!

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