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318 O Spirit, bring out of this time of global and national chaos a new creation

Day 318: January 28th, 2021

O Spirit, bring out of this time of global and national chaos a new creation

The very first paragraph of the Scripture that informs the three Abrahamic traditions tells us: the Divine Spirit breathed over the waters of chaos and brought forth a new creation.

Encouraged by this promise that a new creation can come from chaos, let us pray:

O Divine Spirit!

During the weeks and months ahead, stir our hearts and minds that we might fight for a vision that is worthy of you and your call to honor the dignity of all of your creation.

A vision of who we are as a people, grounded in community and care for all, especially the most marginalized.

A vision that cares for our earth and heals the planet.

A vision that ends structural racism, bigotry and sexism so rife now in our nation and in our history.

A vision that ensures hungry people are fed, children are nourished, immigrants are welcomed.

O Spirit, breathe in us and our leaders a new resolve… that committed to this new American Promise, we will work together to build a national community grounded in healing, fearlessly based on truth, and living out of a sense of shared responsibility.

In the name of all that is holy, O Spirit, bring out of this time of global and national chaos a new creation, a new community that can, with your help, realize this New Promise that we affirm tonight.

With profound hope, let We The People say: Amen!

- Sr. Simone’s Invocation to the Democratic National Convention,

Thursday, August 20, 2020.


one winter afternoon

(at the magical hour

when is becomes if)

a bespangled clown

standing on eighth street

handed me a flower.

Nobody,it’s safe

to say,observed him but

myself;and why?because

without any doubt he was

whatever(first and last)

mostpeople fear most:

a mystery for which i’ve

no word except alive

–that is,completely alert

and miraculously whole;

with not merely a mind and a heart

but unquestionably a soul–

by no means funereally hilarious

(or otherwise democratic)

but essentially poetic

or ethereally serious:

a fine not a coarse clown

(no mob,but a person)

and while never saying a word

who was anything but dumb;

since the silence of him

self sang like a bird.

Mostpeople have been heard

screaming for international

measures that render hell rational

–i thank heaven somebody’s crazy

enough to give me a daisy

- e.e. cummings


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