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283 The Life-Light blazed out of darkness; the darkness couldn’t put it out

Everything was created through Spirit;

nothing—not one thing!—

came into being without Spirit

What came into existence was Life,

and the Life was Light to live by.

The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;

the darkness couldn’t put it out.

Yesterday afternoon we held Homeboy's annual holiday lunch, celebrating our 200 trainees and holding them as 2013 comes to a close. 287 children, the sons and daughters of our trainees, received Christmas presents from Toys for Tots.

I watched the children enjoy their time at Homeboy, delighted with and grateful for their gifts. For many of these kids, these might be their only Christmas presents. We listened to the parents express their gratitude for the gift of this place, for the kinship, community, love, and the power of education and the tools they are given here, which they use to enrich and improve their lives. They are and always will be a part of our family.

I thought about all of these kids and the more hopeful future they now have and see for themselves, because their parents found work and dignity.

We are all one. But, in my life I experienced myself as separate and alone until I discovered like minded people in the rooms of recovery that led me back to the realization (through many twists and turns) that we are all in this together. No matter where we come from, or however twisted we may appear to be, compassion, empathy, and unconditional love have been my key to the door (that opened my mind) to kinship with the world....and finally, freedom. - Judie Dunkijacobsnolten

The Life-Light was the real thing:

Every person entering Life

he brings into Light.

He was in the world,

the world was there through him,

and yet the world didn’t even notice.

He came to his own people,

but they didn’t want him.

But whoever did want him,

who believed he was who he claimed

and would do what he said,

He made to be their true selves,

their child-of-God selves.

Our trainees and community clients continually find new beginnings here. In doing so, they give their children and families the best gift—themselves, their authentic presence. The circle of compassion is widened. No-one is left out. Our family grows.

The Word became flesh and blood,

and moved into the neighborhood.

We saw the glory with our own eyes,

the one-of-a-kind glory,

like Father, like Son,

Generous inside and out,

true from start to finish.

As you celebrate this year, be grateful for your friends and family. Seek to enlarge your circle of compassion. Stand with us along the margins, stand with those of us working for the poor. Stand to erase the margins so there is no us and them, only us.

For while gentle silence lay over all, and night had run the half of her swift course, down from the heavens, leapt your all-powerful Word; Into the heart of a doomed land the gift of all the ages leapt. (Wis. 18.14f)

For a child is born to us,

a son is given to us.

And he will be called:

Wonder Counsellor, Mighty God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

What came into existence was Life,

and the Life was Light to live by.

The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;

the darkness couldn’t put it out.

Merry Christmas and God bless us all every one!

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