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270 Dec 10: "What you did for the least of these you did for me"

270: December 10th 2020: A Special request from Patti England:

Secret Santa for our homeless and those who are shelter and food insecure

We have a request from Patti England to adopt a person or family this holiday season as part of Secret Santa (see attached list as a PDF and also inserted below as part of the Blog).

Patti writes:

Last year the Sonoma Valley Holiday Program merged with Secret Santa (Santa Rosa) because it was too big a project for a few of us to handle. One unique thing is the dinner we always provide, with music and singing and a visit from Santa.

This year our Christmas Party will be a walk/drive through, with a great meal to go.

We’ll have music playing, but no singing and visiting.

These are not all homeless people. There are some who live on the street, some live in their cars, others crash with friends. All of these people are food insecure. They get two meals each day provided by SOS and the Brown Baggers. As I said one night during a liturgy, now we pack the food in to-go containers and they aren’t allowed to linger or visit because of the pandemic.

I have arranged to have all gifts from the Santa Rosa area dropped off at David and Jacqueline’s house, 150 White Oak (Oakmont). Her phone number is 758-6065.

People in Sonoma can drop gifts off at my house 18885 Carriger Road, Sonoma 217-8481.

Here's a link to a list of people and items that have been requested. Families are together in green.

Patti England Christmas List 2020_V3
Download PDF • 41KB

Here's the list as a picture so you can get a quick idea of whom you'd like to support.

I’ve put families together in case someone wanted to shop for more than one person or work in groups. I can also get reimbursement from Secret Santa if someone really likes to shop (SS reimbursements are limited to $25 per person usually).

One if my favorite people on the list is a 74 year old man. He was a farm worker until no one would hire him anymore. He shared a room somewhere until he couldn’t afford it anymore, now he sleeps in his car, showers at SOS and gets food from us M-F.

Another is a 65 year old woman that has a place to sleep but walks all day from downtown Sonoma up to BHS. She used to go to the library during the day, but the libraries are closed now. She picks up food twice a day for herself and a disabled friend who can’t walk anymore.

Some families I know spend 75 to 90% on shelter so there is money left for anything else even though Mom and Dad both work as much as they can.

Sadly, the list is only a fraction of the requests we had this year. We usually have about 80 sign ups, this year I had 190.

With love and hugs.


Patti England can answer any questions you may have. Please let her know the name of the person or family you choose to support through Secret Santa.

Call Patti at 217-8481.

- with love from david

SONG: The only one you'll need today

GRATEFUL: A Love Song to the World: nimo feat. daniel nahmod

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