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1153: ANNOUNCEMENTS from Jim & JoAnn & Pat O'Connor

Day 1153: Monday, May 15, 2023

ANNOUNCEMENT from Jim and JoAnn:

Dear Homeless Action Sonoma Supporter! Please share the attached flyer

We are planning a huge fundraising Flea Market for June 3rd and 4th. We can't do this without your help. Please look at the schedule and see when you can bring your able-bodied energy and call our Volunteer Coordinator Jim McFadden at 707 815-2673,

or email him:

with the dates and times you can be there:

“Gather donations day” Saturday May 20th Booker Hall at La Luz 17560 Greger St. from about 9:30 to 4:00. We need to help people offload to the hall and then at the end of the day help Petra load all items into our truck to take to our storage unit. There may need to be multiple trips. “Getting Ready for the Market day” Friday June 2nd.

Meet at Petra’s home:

19389 Linden St. (x street Petaluma Blvd.) at noon. You will go from there to our storage unit and then to the Veterans Memorial Hall at 126 1st Street West. There may be the need for a few trips. Please plan on helping for at least a couple of hours. “The Flea Market Days” Saturday June 3rd 8:30 to 4:00 and

Sunday June 4th 10:00 to 3:00 You will be needed to help load items into people’s cars, or into our truck for delivery. At the end of the day on Sunday, help to clear out all remaining items and load into our truck to return to our storage space. If you can't help move items we still need your help in the “pre-cashier line” to expedite payment; you can answer questions and help our customer service team. On an ongoing basis we need your help: usually weekdays Urgent Need: Data entry for a few hours a week in our office just off the Plaza, using the county Coordinated Entry system. Please be accurate and computer literate. Be an office volunteer for a few hours a week to help with emails and phone calls to our wonderful supporters, like you. Contact:

or call our office 707-991-0455 from 10:00 to 2:00- Valli will love to talk with you.

Announcement from Pat O'Connor

Hola Amigos!

We are a group of students from Credo High School who will be going to Oaxaca, Mexico with our Spanish teacher and chaperones for 10 days in June to volunteer at the local organization, Oaxaca Street Children ( For many of us, this will be our first time in a Spanish-speaking country and an exciting opportunity not only to practice our language skills but also to be of service in a meaningful way to children who come from impoverished backgrounds and have not had the same access to education that we do.

While in Oaxaca we will be volunteering at Casa Emilie, one of the program centers for the Oaxaca Street Children (OSC) Organization. We will be helping cook a daily meal for the children that receive the educational services from OSC and their families every afternoon, sharing the meal with them and then participating in cultural and educational workshops with the children. The ongoing workshops that we will be assisting with, are art and baking, and they have requested that we do a cultural exchange with their students, bringing them some of the stories and typical dishes from our culture to share with them. It promises to be lots of fun!

We are super excited about this wonderful opportunity to not only explore one of the most beautiful parts of Mexico, practice our Spanish and be in a different culture but also meet other young people in Mexico and enjoy a purposeful exchange with them.

We are looking forward to traveling from June 6-16th, 2023 and are hard at work fundraising so that all of us that need it can have our trip costs covered. These include airfare, travel insurance, room and board in Oaxaca, local transportation and a modest donation to the Oaxaca Street Children Organization. Some of us need partial funding and some full and so we're reaching out to our broader community for support to make this dream come true for each and every one of us that is committed to going to Oaxaca, regardless of our family's ability to pay for the trip.

Please support our efforts to make this community service trip to Oaxaca a reality for all of us that would like to participate. Whether you can donate $5 or $200, every bit helps and we greatly appreciate it!

Thank you so much for your consideration in helping make this dream come true for us! Muchas gracias!

The Oaxacan Service Trip Group from Credo High Here's the link to their GoFundMe,

Even a small donation could help Amber Morabito reach their fundraising goal. And if you can't make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word. Thanks for taking a look!

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