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1137: Where have all the flowers gone... when will we ever learn?

Day 1137: Thursday, April 27, 2023

Where have all the flowers gone... when will we ever learn?

Dear Sisters and Brothers: Please feel free to use this link to a Ukrainian/English language video version of Where Have All the Flowers Gone, which is truly moving. This was recorded by Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul and Mary, and Maria Burmaka a Ukrainian singer and activist.

Here's the link:

Peace, Dan Lambert

Here's an email from Peter Yarrow to Dan Lambert - a must read:

Dear Dan, it’s wonderful to hear from you and know that you were doing the amazingly important work Of sending humanitarian aid to the besieged people of your sister city of Santa Rosa in Ukraine. Thank you thank you thank you and please feel free to use the video of “where have all the flowers gone” with myself and Maria Burmaka Singing in any and always you like. It is an honor for me to be able to help you pursue your efforts and open peoples hearts to the beyond tragic realities that the Ukrainian people are facing.

Actually the final version that I prefer that you share, is this one that I think strikes the balance in the best possible way.

(Here's the link again) Sending my congratulations and gratitude to you for successfully mounting life-saving campaigns that are so desperately needed by the Ukrainian people. In peace is always my friend, - Peter (Yarrow)

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