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1134: Teach us to offer unconditional kindness and love to others. (And 3 important announcements)

Day 1134: Monday, April 24, 2023

Teach us to offer unconditional kindness and love to others.

(And 3 important announcements)

Thank you JoAnn and Jim for putting together such a wonderful and meaningful celebration for Earth Day. The singing was fantastic and brought back so many lovely memories. Our camera operator Scott Peterson found the Our Father/Our mopther especially compelling. Here it is again:

Our Mother, Our Father, Giver of Life, holy and sacred is your name.

Let your kinship with us on earth strive to be as it was created to be that we all would live as one.

We are grateful that we have you as our life-giving sustenance of body and spirit.

We are humbled by your unfailing forgiveness no matter our faults and failings.

Teach us to offer unconditional kindness and love to others.

You do not leave us comfortless and wandering in the desert. You guide us down the paths away from harm and folly, knowing you lift us up when we falter.

We long to be in faithful communion with you. We long to feel the presence of your Holy Spirit moving and working in us in all we do. We long to have your light shining through us in the world.


And now three important announcements:

(Emily MacDonald)

Announcement #1: Help Emily MacDonald and her students get to Prague:

At yesterday's celebration Victoria MacDonald spoke with pride about her daughter Emily who heads the Scenic and Costume Design Department at California State University Long Beach. Emily will be leading a study abroad program this June to Prague, site of the world's largest design convention. It ewill be amazing experiewnce for her students. The challenge, as usual is funding for students to go. Here's a note from Emily with a link to her GoFundMe account.

As you know, I've organized a study abroad program to take students to the Prague Quadrennial this June. We currently have students and alums from CSULB, UCBerkeley, and University of La Verne participating. However, there are still students that desperately want to go, but don't have the resources to do so.

Please take a looks at our GoFundMe page and consider making a donation or sharing with others:

Thank you so much!


Information about this trip:

This Summer, students of California State University Long Beach, friends, family, and colleagues can participate in a short-term study abroad program on the subject of performance design. The course THEA 323 - Integration of Design and Performance (GE-C1) will coincide with the Prague Quadrennial, a city-wide event and global symposium on performance design (, that takes place in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The course will be led by Emily MacDonald, CSULB's Head of Scenic and Costume Design. In the course, participants will attend contemporary performances, view current exhibitions from countries throughout the world, experience lectures by renowned designers, and have the chance to participate in workshops led by prominent artists in the industry today.

The course runs from June 7th to June 19th .

More about the Prague Quadrennial [PQ23].

The PQ is the preeminent gathering and showing of performance design anywhere in the world. The last PQ in 2-19 drew 70,000 viewers, 8,000 professionals, students, and other active participants from 106 countries.


Travel Cost - $2185 (includes hotel lodging and events)

Tuition for those receiving academic credit - $969

Insurance - $85

Flight / Food - not covered - $ 2500 estimate

Total: $4,500 - $5,500 per participant

To make this opportunity available to as many students as possible, and not have finances be a hindrance to participation, please consider making a contribution toward broadening students' educational experience and global engagement.

Please take a looks at our GoFundMe page and consider making a donation or sharing with others:

Announcement #2: from Jim Keck. Please put this on our calendars:

This is a meeting suggested by Jim and strongly supported by Victoria and others at our retreat last Saturday. It should be educational for everyone who attends.

Victoria is also interested in bringing together a team to discuss creating a will, a trust, writing an Advanced Medical Directive and our personal desires (should we have any preferences for specific songs, readings etc. for a Celebration of Life.

Stay tuned!

Announcement #3: Choir Rehearsals for our participation in the upcoming LGBTQ+ Pride Event June 4, 2023

Announcement: Greetings Interfaith Leaders:

Here are the dates and Times for rehearsal for the Pride Choir (All are Welcome)

UUCSR 547 Mendocino Ave. Santa Rosa

Time: 5:30pm

Dates: April 27th, May 11th May 25th.

Please announce at your congregation and have those who would like to sing come on the dates. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at:


Thanks so much for promoting this event.


Rev. Dave Clements, Minister UU Church

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