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1102: ANNOUNCEMENT for this Sunday, March 26, 2023 Liturgy

Day 1102: Thursday, March 23, 2023

Emmaus Intentional Faith Community

ANNOUNCEMENT for this Sunday, March 26, 2023 Liturgy

The lectionary Gospel reading for this coming Sunday, the Fifth Sunday of Lent, is a familiar Gospel story known so well to many of us… the story of Lazarus! We’re nearing the end of our Lenten days, and winding our way towards Easter, much like Jesus and the disciples were winding their way toward Jerusalem.

To bring this rather long Gospel reading more acutely into our consciousness, we will begin our liturgy with meditative music to help us all get into a quiet place of receptivity.

So, as we gather, there will be signs to remind us all to gather quietly, with as little conversation as possible. Once you enter the sanctuary, there will be music with a video presentation of images of the cosmos, and we’ll begin our liturgy as the music meditation ends.

So come this Sunday ready to hear this story of Lazarus with, (as St. Benedict would say) “the ear of your heart.” Think about your Lenten journey so far, and how you, and all of us, are be bound and tied up, in ways we are only now discovering.


- the “tombs" we might find ourselves in without realizing it…or

- those things that might appear “dead” to us that are, in reality, merely incubating some form of new life…and,

- what might I need to “be”, or “do,” for that new life to spring forth?

We’ll be pondering these aspects of the story of Lazarus…which is our own story too, and we will be winding our own way toward Holy Week and Easter as we walk together this coming Sunday. See you there.

Marcie Dahlen

Victoria MacDonald

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