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1052: Breathe. We are in this together.

Day 1052: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Breathe. We are in this together.

From the Franciscan Organization: Pace y Bene (peace and all good) a series of classes on non-violence as we begin Black History Month and grive for the lives lost to gun violence and police brutality:

We continue to call for an end to systemic police violence that attacks Black communities in the United States. We uplift the statement of Black Lives Matter, sharing about the police killing of Tyre Nichols:

“Today, our community is grieving another beautiful Black life stolen by state-sanctioned violence. There continues to be a consistent failure of our current public safety model to protect Black lives and communities. We are tired of traffic stops becoming death sentences. We deserve a system that prioritizes holistic, health-centered, community-driven approaches that will help advance true public safety. We continue to be devastated by the current system that prioritizes punishment, harm, and criminalization.”

Austin C. McCoy further encourages us to take time to collectively mourn this death and so many others, challenging the return to “business as usual” that white supremacist capitalism demands of us.

I encourage you to take time to rest, grieve, and, when you are ready, do one tangible thing to help yourself or someone else feel loved in this time that reminds us of so much state violence. I’m glad that we have offerings coming up to move your body, grow mindful practices, and learn how to build movements for change together—however, anything you can do to take care right now is important.

If someone you know is grieving and could benefit from these courses, consider covering the registration costs for them. We also encourage you to donate to a Black-led organization that is working towards the abolition of violent policing and punitive “justice” systems to create new worlds where no one is subjected to state violence.

This is a time to be in community to collectively mourn, resist the perpetuation of violence, and build nonviolent systems. Breathe. We are in this together.

Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Living: An Introduction 3-Week Course on Zoom

When: Tuesdays February 14-28, 4-5:30pm Pacific

Objective: Gain the awareness to re-center and change old patterns. Explore ways to practice nonviolence toward ourselves and others. Discover how mindfulness can support you in your life, work, and activism.

Facilitator: Piero Falci

Sign Up Using this Link:

Cost: $90, scholarships available

Strategy for Nonviolent Action 2-Hour Webinar on Zoom

When: Wednesday February 15, 3-5pm Pacific

Objective: Learn the guiding principles of how to think strategically, and how to design campaigns for change with nonviolent action. Gain useful tools for planning powerful actions that build a culture of peace and active nonviolence.

Facilitator: Rivera Sun

Sign Up Using this Link:

Cost: $20, scholarships available

Yoga for All with Carla Conde Three 60-minute Classes on Zoom

When: Thursdays February 16, March 16, and April 13, 2023, 7:30-8:30am Pacific

Objective: Join Carla Conde for a monthly online yoga session that is intentionally created to be accessible for all bodies, ages, genders, and abilities. Hold space for your body and mind to find or restore peace.

Facilitator: Carla Conde

Sign Up with this link:

Cost: $15 per class, $40 for 3 classes

Building Momentum: Participation & People Power 6-Week Course on Zoom

When: Wednesdays March 1 - April 5, 4-5:30 pm Pacific

Objective: Look at outreach strategies, community organizing approaches, and coalition building. Examine the role of arts and participatory design. Learn to think differently about how to mobilize people power and collaborate with unlikely and groups.

Facilitator: Rivera Sun and Henry Cervantes

Sign Up with this link:

Cost: $80, scholarships available

Day 2 on the Season of Non-Violence Calendar (64 days)

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