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1016: God is not a doctrine but Love penetrating the universe since the beginning

Day 1016: Tuesday, December 27, 2022

God is not a doctrine but Love penetrating the universe since the beginning

The first days in Bethlehem and the 30 some years that followed in the life of Jesus, are about one person, who lived two thousand years ago on one tiny planet rotating around one star out of hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy, itself, one out of a trillion galaxies. The immensity of all this might seem to make Jesus’ life (and ours) utterly insignificant.

That would be the case if our religious reach is too small and our understanding of creation doesn’t go beyond the Genesis story. But, if we believe that the Spirit of God was present from the very beginning – 14 billion years ago, maybe longer, the immensity only fills us with awe, wonder and peace.

Raimon Panikkar, priest, theologian & philosopher, once said that we cannot understand the significance of Jesus Christ apart from cosmology. The Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin, coined the word Christogenesis to describe the dynamic presence of God (Spirit) in evolution; the creative entanglement of divine and created life in the movement toward wholeness and fulfillment.

The simple essence of the story of the Christ child, born to two homeless young Jewish parents in a primitive earthly setting in Bethlehem of Judea, shines light throughout the universe. God is not a doctrine but Love penetrating the universe since the beginning. Ilia Delio wrote:

“We have made Jesus the object of the New Testament but the whole of the Gospel life is an evolution of a new mind and heart, a new spiritual vitality and action in the world. What took place in Jesus is to take place in our lives as well, if God is to emerge as the unitive center of love in evolution.”

Gods, angels, and spirits,

present here & now—

Human beings, and every living thing,

attending here & now—

Benches, walls, stones, and sacred spaces,

abiding here & now—

May my words be in Harmony with

the entire Universe,

contribute to its Justice,

enhance its Beauty,

and be spoken in Freedom,

so that Peace may draw

closer to our World.


There is something belligerent inherent in our culture that makes us regard others as enemies, as pagans, kaffirs, infidels, and such. It is not by chance that Western civilization has developed its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, immense both in its efficiency and in quantity. . . .

Forgiveness, reconciliation, ongoing dialogue, lead to peace, a peace that is a way forward, not backward, for any return to a status-quo ante is a pipe dream. In order to forgive, to dialogue, to establish reconciliation one needs a strength beyond the mechanical order of action and reaction. One needs the Holy Spirit, karuna, charis, and love realized as being the pillars of the universe.

To save humanity we have to become Human.

- Pannikar

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