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1008: Humans and animals - all made from something like cookie dough. Everyone in the circle.

Day 1008: Monday, December 19, 2022

Humans and animals - all made from something like cookie dough. Everyone in the circle. No one left out.

The Christmas crèche conveys something deeper. I think its safe to say that the image our eyes are drawn to first is that of the baby Jesus. Here he is in a most humble position surrounded by angels, wise men, a shepherd holding a baby sheep, Mary, Joseph and the animals - all made from something like cookie dough. It's an image at once so simple and universal. All their eyes are open, wide awake to the possibilities the child brings.

The manger scene shows how this promised Child brings us all together, rich and poor, Jew and Gentile, insider and outsider, shepherds and scholars, not because of any appeal they have for each other, but because of their common reverence for Immanuel, God with and within us. (Creche photo by Monica)

Gracious God,

Shine Your Light on us,

Gather us together,

that we may be awake now,

and be in your

Sacred Presence.

Open our ears

that we may listen,

and our hearts

that we may be ready

to see you here with us.

Shine your radiant light

on us,

this day, and always.


(Advent prayer from Jacqueline)


As people of faith and conscience, believing in the sanctity of all life on this planet, we call for a Christmas Truce in Ukraine. In the spirit of the truce that occurred in 1914 during the First World War, we urge our government to take a leadership role in bringing the war in Ukraine to an end through supporting calls for a ceasefire and negotiated settlement, before the conflict results in a nuclear war that could devastate the world’s ecosystems and annihilate all of God’s creation.

Initiated by Fellowship of Reconciliation-USA, CODEPINK, and the National Council of Elders.

Please watch the video:

Let there be peace!

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