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1005: Hermine's Living Creche from her sister in Germany

Day 1005: Friday, December 16, 2022

I'd like to share this video my sister Gerda sent from the second Advent Sunday at Andechs Monastery in Germany where she was hiking and found this live Crèche with choir.

Three wise women in their traditional dresses instead the Three wise men?

(Links to Videos below)

Andechs Monastery in Bavaria where Hermine's sister was hiking

And the St. Lucy Concert in Munich held every year

Links to videos:

Hermine Living Creche VIDEO-2022-12-11-20-04-53
Download MP4 • 8.79MB

Hermine St Lucy Celebration VIDEO-2022-12-11-20-29-16
Download MP4 • 14.98MB

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