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                     Palms Inn Homeless Shelter

The Palms Inn is a very special and unique place.  The idea of Housing First, then working
on the social and economic needs of the homeless population is very different from the
previous way of dealing with homelessness.  To be part of this change is very exciting and
leaves one feeling very hopeful. 


The Palms Inn is 60% veterans, 40% Catholic Charities clients, there are about a 110 rooms
all occupied by people who would otherwise be on the street. The residents are there as
long as they want and each room is considered that resident's home.  Each room contains
a microwave, crock pot, refrigerator and TV.


In the name of the Emmaus community we volunteer at the coffee bar, which is a space that people can gather
for coffee, fruit, pastries, yogurt and whatever else has been donated during the week.


The connection with the otherwise homeless community is so important.  Hearing their stories while pouring a cup
of coffee or just listening to someone who may or may not ever get listened to is important. By doing this work we
know that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We are a clog in the wheel that helps rebuild
community.  When you get to know the residents, and in some cases, see the brokenness of an individual, we feel honored to be part of their reconnection to the greater community of Santa Rosa and beyond. 


A lesson we take home from the experience is always gratitude.  To know people who have had a very difficult journey and in many cases, obstacles beyond our imagination, to see their appreciation of our simple gift of serving coffee leaves us feeling very grateful.


Please join us in serving our brothers and sisters at the Palms Inn Homeless Shelter.

Cathy and Peter Schneider

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