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The 4 Sundays of Advent


Our theme tonight is Advent...that dedicated time when we, as people of faith, prepare for Christmas.  Preparation seems all the more necessary and poignant now, following this year’s tumultuous election cycle and all that has and may follow in the year ahead.


So, tonight we will be discussing ways to ready and fortify our souls...with a word or phrase followed by a reading for each of the four Sundays: Today, The First Sunday of Advent: Wake Up!; Second Sunday: Listen!; Third Sunday: Patiently Prepare the Place: and The Fourth Sunday: Yes, Come, Be Born in Me! Each of the readings will speak to these prompts... and will discuss the new life, the new hope and the assured and enduring Presence of our God with us, and by us and for us...tonight and always.


First Sunday:        WAKE UP!

Second Sunday:    LISTEN!

Third Sunday:       PREPARE THE PLACE!

Fourth Sunday:    COME, BE BORN IN ME!


It is into the “least of all places” that Christ light wants to find rest...the places we’d rather hide away, the places that make us feel “less than,” or “ashamed,” “ugly,” or “less worthy;” it’s into these very places!


We are ALL called to be Meister Eckhart says: “What good is it to me, if this eternal birth of the divine son takes place...but does not take place within myself...if I do not also give birth in my time and my culture?


“God spoke that light would shine out of the darkness, and it has dawned in our hearts!”


The “dark things” are transformed into light; impossible becomes possible; the old becomes new.

“Be it done unto me” There is an acceptance of what is... the house of my being, the temple of my soul, is built up, made new.


The grand REVERSALS...mighty brought low; the weak raised up; the oppressed free; freedom to the captive.  But we don’t want to look at or admit we have “inner poor places.”

Meister Eckhart says: We are ALL meant to be mothers of God...the WORD of God is a hidden WORD, it comes in the darkness of the night. To enter this darkness put away all voices and sounds, all images and likenesses. In stillness and peace, in this unknowing knowledge God speaks in the soul and becomes fully expressed there.

Q.: Are there places in you that feel: oppressed? captive? broken?

Q.: So, what helps you WAKE UP?

      What helps you LISTEN?

      What helps you PREPARE A PLACE even when you feel you’re in deep darkness?

      What helps you be able to say COME, BE BORN IN ME?

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