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The Beatitudes

Our second reading is from the good news proclaimed by our Brother Jesus – The Beatitudes:


The Beatitudes are the heart of the universal message of love


Blessed are you, the humble in spirit: for your open hearts will be rewarded in kinship of the universe.


Blessed are you meek ones: for you shall occupy your own hearts and create a joyful disturbance within all of us so that we seek to become meek like you. (Verse 4)


Blessed are you who mourn: for you will find comfort in your families and communities and wherever there is hope. You will be comforted. (Verse 5)


Blessed are you, especially women who have been intimidated, told to be quiet and excluded from so many conversations. You hunger and thirst after justice and will make it happen: a new world in which all of us share in the banquet of peace. (Verse 6)


Blessed are you who show loving mercy: for you shall obtain mercy and empower us to be non-violent and merciful. (Verse 7)


Blessed are you who listen to your conscience: for you will challenge the status quo and bring new perceptions to light. You will help us see the godliness in each person. (Verse 8)


Blessed are you peacemakers and those who teach non-violence. You shall be called the children of God. (Verse 9)


Blessed are you who suffer for your very identities: gay men, lesbian women, transgender people, queer people, bisexual people, people of color and immigrants who suffer persecution on a daily basis but who never lose hope. Yours is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 10)

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