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Solidarity Network & Circles of Solidarity

The Solidarity Network of Friends of Cantera is a community of people in the United States who are committed to sharing and continuing the good work that is carried out by CANTERA in Nicaragua.  Each member of the Solidarity Network is encouraged to share stories, skills, and talents within their regional Circle of Solidarity and to extend hospitality to members of the network.  The Circles of Solidarity support CANTERA'S programs through raising awareness in their local community, participating in committees designed to help CANTERA thrive and grow, as well as organizing an annual fundraiser to support CANTERA'S outreach programs. In addition to supporting CANTERA, the Circles of Solidarity serve as the foundation of a regional and national community based on shared values and personal connections.


 Contact a Circle of Solidarity Coordinator to see what's happening in your area and for more information on how you can participate.

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